McCombs School of Business ranked No. 5 in nation

Benita Lee

The McCombs School of Business ranked No. 5 in U.S. News & World Report’s 2018 ranking of best undergraduate business programs, released this month. 

U.S. News ranks schools based on their reputations as surveyed by accredited peer institutions. Arthur Allert, assistant dean for undergraduate programs at McCombs, said the school has moved up in rank each year since the 2016 ranking, from No. 7 to 6 to 5. This year’s ranking is the highest since 2006, Allert said. 

“U.S. News is a reputational ranking,” Allert said. “It’s kind of generally like they’re known for really great faculty or research or programs or outstanding students. We’re very happy to be ranked number five, and it really has to do with our students and our faculty.”

Allert said McCombs’ high ranking may be attributed to the large numbers of students and faculty who are attracted to UT and the city of Austin. As more students and faculty are drawn to the school, its standards continue to improve, he said.

“We have such a high demand for admission that the quality of our students keeps going up,” Allert said. “The Austin location works for faculty as it is high tech and makes lists for the best places to live. The Austin reputation and the business school reputation tends to attract people here and that improves the quality.”

Finance sophomore Eric Yang said the school deserves its renowned reputation, as students are offered extensive high quality resources, including instruction from highly qualified faculty members. Yang said he was taught not just technical skills but also the skills needed to thrive in a professional environment.  

“The faculty here are really great,” Yang said. “They prepare us for our job searches and our careers. They teach us a lot of soft skills, including communication skills, how to write a resume and how to communicate professionally.”

Business freshman Chloe Yao said she has noticed many features of McCombs that warrant recognition, including its honors program, helpful advisers and an accelerated track that allows students to obtain multiple degrees in only five years. As an international student from Nanjing, China, she said the prestigious reputations of UT and McCombs are strong lures that influenced her decision to attend the school.

“The McCombs school has a very high reputation, even in China,” Yao said. “That’s why I chose to come here.”