Renowned designer Juliette Cezzar lectures on intersection of arcitecture, grapic design

Meghan Nguyen

Dozens of people gathered in Goldsmith Hall Friday to listen to acclaimed designer, writer and educator Juliette Cezzar lecture about the intersection of architecture and graphic design.

In her presentation, Cezzar discussed her roots in architecture and graphic design, theories and perspectives about the two and her experiences in both job markets.

“What we design makes us,” Cezzar said. “This is very much true in architecture.”

The talk was hosted by ISSUE, a student-run publication by UT’s School of Architecture. Cezzar’s talk was the publication’s first-ever guest lecture.

Cezzar spoke about how architecture has become, in some ways, a form of advertising thanks to Instagram.

“Now everyone’s a photographer, everyone’s a publisher, everyone’s a critic,” Cezzar said.

Cezzar is an assistant professor of communication design based in New York at The New School’s Parson School of Design. After establishing her studio in 2005, her clients have included the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, The New York Times and more. She has lectured about design nationally and internationally.

In her lecture, Cezzar also discussed how architecture is born and dies as graphic design.

“Architecture always begins as drawings, as graphic expressions,” Cezzar said. “In the end, it all gets packed into photographs or books.”

Brennen Birch, editor of this year’s upcoming ISSUE magazine, said the idea for the lecture was hatched last year.

“We asked ourselves how design practice could use media to reach beyond established disciplinary boundaries and bring new ideas into design disciplines,” Birch said. “With these ideas in mind, the issue team began to think about how we can spark conversation about the relationship between graphic design, spatial design and media, resulting in tonight’s lecture.”

ISSUE is a yearly anthology that features both undergraduate and graduate work in the School of Architecture, and its intent is to foster the interchange of ideas among students and to record the intellectual activities of the School of Architecture. Currently, ISSUE is in its 14th year.

“Often in our major we don’t think about how important graphic design is,” graduate architecture student Isabel Fee said. “In order to communicate that your project is a new idea, you’ve got to make it eye-catching, and so graphic design ends up playing a vital role in the success of an architecture project.”