Timeline: When have students spotted Matthew McConaughey around campus?

Natalie Heineman

Matthew McConaughey sightings, a stolen Speedway brick and the stuffed carcass of a white squirrel are required to graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. Check your Interactive Degree Audit. How close are you to graduating?

McConaughey visits UT so often it’s like he’s moved in.

But exactly how many times has he been spotted on campus during the last few years? We’ll start in 2014, because that’s as far back as current students can remember.

October 2014: McConaughey wears a blazer to receive his Distinguished Alumnus award. This is the last time we see him wear anything except a sweat-soaked t-shirt to football games.

September 2015: We’re just exiting The McConaissance. Dallas Buyers Club, True Detective, Interstellar, all those weird Lincoln car commercials: This is peak McConaughey. He doesn’t have time to wander around UT.

November 2015: Nah, McConaughey always makes time for his alma mater. He spoke at Tejas House, odd because he was a Delt. Tejas wishes McConaughey was an alumnus so they could push the CEO of CarMax off their “Notable Alumni” web page.

June 2016: UT hires McConaughey as a professor. Or more accurately, McConaughey is bored and asks for something to do.

September 2016: The minute McConaughey discovers he can quote “Wolf on Wall Street” to football players is when the sightings ramp up.

August 2016: McConaughey decides to show up to the first day of class, something he almost definitely did not do while attending this University.

Fall 2016: McConaughey attends almost every home game of the 2016 football season.

November 2016: McConaughey wanders around downtown Austin for some reason. Then stops by his class.

November 2016: McConaughey gives students a ride in the SureWalk golf carts.

February 2017: Oh no. Oh. No. McConaughey get political. He tells the BBC it’s "time to think about how constructive you can be because Donald Trump's our president for the next four years at least." He soons falls from UT students’ graces.

Summer 2017: McConaughey goes quiet for a little while, presumably because he found a real job. If you can consider filming box office flop “The Dark Tower” a real job.

Fall 2017: He’s back in action at the football games and in students’ hearts.

September 2017: Another McConaughey sighting in the communications building. And this time, his jeans are tighter than ever.

February 2018: McConaughey is spotted in BMC on his way to “teach” “class.”