Hey, Brooklyn: Don’t mess with Texas BBQ

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Natalie Heineman

Get your mouth ready for this limp, gray meat.

Munchies, a food blog by Vice, posted this tweet on Sunday:

What the hell is that, you ask? Only the end of these United States, that's what.

A simple slab of meat began a war amongst states.

It’s clear Brooklyn has no business cooking “barbeque.” But what exactly does good BBQ look like?  Texans soon did what they do best: jump into a conversation uninvited and brag about how great Texas is.

Austinites, in their never-ending quest to be cooler than Brooklyn, weighed in.

The Brooklyn tray is emptier than a West Texas landscape.

The outrage was bipartisan. Even Sen. Ted Cruz’s social media staff took a break from liking porn tweets to comment.