Hey #UT22: Here are some orientation tips

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Natalie Heineman

#UT22, don’t look like the babies on campus. You are strong. Wise. Gifted. Well, as soon as you read this list, you’ll be gifted.

Here’s your present: all the knowledge you need to survive orientation:

It’s okay if you don’t meet your best friend.

Maybe you just couldn’t see them in the dim halls of Jester West.

The forced activities are funny with the right people.

Everyone knows you don’t want to watch a skit about the dangers of cliques. The audience members make the show.

The “demon” song. Learn it.

You need to know it to graduate. Check your degree audit.

Leave your woes in the Jester Wendy’s.

The Union Wendy’s couldn’t take the pressure anymore. RIP.

Watch your step.

Construction is a mess, but the buildings are just as messy.

Save that meal card.

It’s still good when the school year starts. You’ll need all the JCL mini corn dogs you can carry.

Comm. majors be warned: Dean Keeton.

That uphill climb. We are stronger than engineering majors.

But most importantly, have fun at orientation.

It’s the cheapest thing UT will offer you.