Jendy’s? Try SAC-fil-A instead

Natalie Heineman

Wendy’s in the Union perished, but Jendy’s reigns.

Students affectionately refer to the Wendy’s restaurant in Jester dormitory as “Jendy’s.”

The other restaurants on campus don’t have a special nickname, but we have some suggestions:


Sure the line takes up your whole lunchtime, but the Chick-fil-A in the Student Activity Center feels like the second best fast food on campus. It deserves a pet name.


Did you know there’s a Quiznos in the Union? Maybe your eyes skip right over the wannabe Subway, but this low-quality sandwich chain is safe from theft.


Out of state students love eating at In-N-Out and living in Duren dormitory. Combine the two with a simple skybridge (UT has plenty) and you get Din-N-Out.

Drunkin’ Donuts

For those hobbling down the Drag for a night in West Campus, stop by and get a donut first.

Shaka Smart

The Shake Smart inside Gregory Gym is one letter from being UT’s head men’s basketball coach.

Student Activity Cabana

We’re already calling it the SAC, but this time we honor below-mediocre tacos.