Keeping up with The Daily Texan’s Twitter takedown


Natalie Heineman

College newspapers beef on Twitter, but none serve it better than The Daily Texan.

On Monday, last semester’s associate managing editor Forrest Milburn tweeted:

Prompting The Daily Californian, student newspaper at the University of California, Berkeley, to quote tweet:

So, we at the Texan decided to make a listicle about the listicle insult.

The Daily Californian and The Daily Texan have a history of back and forth Twitter exchanges, mostly stemming from a November 2017 Twitter exchange with Stanford University’s student newspaper.

But back to Monday’s beef.

North Texas Daily, student newspaper at the University of North Texas, decided to stick its nose where it didn’t belong.

The Daily Texan slapped with a slight on UNT’s jazz ensemble band.

North Texas Daily tried their best to reply.

But the Texan took ‘em down.

Then The Triton at University of California, San Diego chimed in.

And got clapped.

A few of the Texan’s department accounts got involved.

Monday’s publishing night Twitter beef riled the basement office up. However, Peter Chen, the Texan’s media adviser, was less amused.

College newspapers: Don’t try us.