Introducing Curious Campus: You have questions about UT-Austin and the 40 Acres? We have answers.

Megan Menchaca

What question about UT have you always wanted answered? What issues are the most important to you? What story have you wished the Daily Texan would write about?

I’m Megan Menchaca, the Texan’s first engagement reporter, and I’m interested in hearing from you.

When I moved on-campus as a freshman, I was so excited to learn as much as I could about UT — from the albino squirrel to the beloved turtle pond. But even now, almost exactly one year since my Mooov-in, I still have so many questions left unanswered.

That’s why the Daily Texan is launching Curious Campus, a new series where we’re collecting and answering dozens of questions submitted by readers just like you. You can ask us anything that you've wanted to know about the 40 Acres and the city around you.


Whether you’ve been wondering how to make your first semester at UT the best it can be, or even just where you should go to find the best iced coffee near campus, you’re in the right place. For the next semester, I’ll be inviting you into the Texan’s reporting process, both online and also at locations all around UT’s campus.

Here’s how it’ll work: Starting today, you’ll be able to submit your questions to Curious Campus in a form located at the bottom of every story published on the Texan’s website — including this one. Then, I’ll investigate until I find answers to the questions asked by you and other members of the UT community.

So, Longhorns: What are you curious about? Ask the Daily Texan your questions in the form below or whenever you see me in person, and I’ll get you answers.