Hey, Curious Campus: What happened to the Starbucks inside DKR?

Megan Menchaca

From Bevo Boulevard to Longhorn City Limits, thousands of UT football fans will clearly see some changes in the game day experience when they head to Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium this weekend.

But as people begin to fill in their seats, they may also notice that the Starbucks in the north end zone food court has disappeared.

So, when one of our readers asked us, “What happened to the Starbucks inside DKR?,” we looked into it as part of Curious Campus, our new series where we’ll be answering reader-submitted questions every week.


John Bianco, associate athletic director for communication, said the DKR Starbucks closed to make room for the Longhorn Hall of Fame. According to the Austin American-Statesman, the Longhorn Hall of Fame will be a 30,000 square foot display of the history of Longhorn football, including memorabilia and the trophies they’ve won.

“Our new Longhorn Hall of Fame project has been in the planning stages for some time now and that will require the elimination of service providers in the Red McCombs Red Zone food court area,” Bianco said. “That project will be underway after the football season.”

And if you didn’t know until now that there was ever a Starbucks in the north end zone of DKR, you’re probably not alone. On most days, DKR Starbucks supervisor Lynn Marston said the store only served a few hundred students every day until it closed on May 18.

Unless you purposely walked through the stadium doors, it’s unlikely you’d know a Starbucks was hidden inside. That’s why, during the 10 years the Starbucks was open, Marston said its busiest days were when people came to the stadium for football games.

“Of course on game days, it was a lot busier,” Marston said. “We did 10 to 20 times the amount of business than we did on a normal day.”

But while the Starbucks inside the stadium may be closed, coffee-addicted students wandering the east side of campus aren’t out of luck. At the intersection of San Jacinto and Deloss Dodds Streets, students can find an alternative place to get their coffee: Texas Coffee Traders.

“If students want those sweet drinks that they get from Starbucks but are also looking to make a more ethical decision or support a local business, we hit both of those those marks there,” said Alli Anderson, Texas Coffee Traders campus manager.

At four different locations all around campus, Anderson said Texas Coffee Traders sells everything from maple walnut scones to highly caffeinated cold brews.

“We tailor our coffee shops with students in mind,” Anderson said. “We set our pricing up so we know students can afford it, and we try to pick out items that we think students would like.”

So, although Starbucks is going to be permanently replaced by the new Longhorn Hall of Fame, students on the east side of campus can still get their morning coffee fix at Texas Coffee Traders.