Mayor candidate Alex Strenger: ‘#BuildTheDome’

Sami Sparber

As a pedicab driver, Alex Strenger said he hears the concerns of Austin residents firsthand. To address those concerns, he is running for mayor of Austin.

“I’m directly in touch with the actual concerns of the city of Austin,” Strenger said. “I see the negative effects of the rapid gentrification that’s taking hold of this city, both from an affordability and traffic standpoint.”

Strenger is one of six candidates attempting to unseat incumbent mayor Steve Adler. His platform focuses on creating affordable housing, reducing traffic and improving police training.

After living in Austin for five years, Strenger said he became frustrated with the Austin City Council’s approach to housing and development. 

“Building a dome around Austin and getting rid of these pesky Californians is the most clear and practical way to manage our growth and address our affordability concerns,” Strenger said. 

Capping the number of Uber drivers on the road at any given time and creating designated spots to leave dockless scooters will help solve Austin’s traffic problem, Strenger said.

Strenger also said he would require police officers to train in a combat sport and would replace officers’ firearms with flamethrowers to eliminate officer-involved shootings.

“Practicing combat sports will enable officers to remain calm and composed in any situation,” Strenger said. “Exercising will make them happier overall. Well-trained, happy cops deserve flamethrowers.”

Strenger said his policy proposals go hand-in-hand to create a more affordable and less congested Austin.

“If our police were to ticket Uber drivers and dockless scooter operators for even half of the infractions that they commit while operating on our city streets, not only would we have enough money to build a dome around Austin and give flamethrowers to our police, we would also be able to provide everyone in the state of Texas with a livable wage,” Strenger said.

Editor’s note: This is one in a series of profiles on the Austin mayor’s race.