Axios executive editor hosts conversation with leading entrepreneurs

Laura Morales

Axios, an online media company, held a discussion on Friday with entrepreneurs about technology integration and business management as part of Axios’s Smarter Faster Revolution campus tours. 

The conversation, which took place at the Blanton Museum of Art, was moderated by Mike Allen, Axios co-founder and executive editor. Guest speakers included Lori Beer, global chief information officer of JPMorgan Chase, NBA player Chris Bosh and Doch CEO Ryan Wuerch.

The entrepreneurs talked not only about their business practices, but also their personal experiences. Wuerch shared about his journey of self-discovery in 2011.

“I went away up in the Cascade mountains and I came back with five core values and a life statement that I wanted to be the summation of my life the day that I died,” Wuerch said. “And I told (my wife) that I am going to spend the rest of my life thinking about these five things every single day, two of which underpin our company. One was I want to do business with people I like, love and trust.”

Allen said he hopes students were educated about their role in the future of entrepreneurship.

“What I constantly think about is the people who were in that room will very soon be running the world, and it’s going to be a very different world than the one we leave them,” Allen said. “Part of that is going to be driven by technology, but also part of it is going to be driven by the values that these leaders talked about.”

After the discussion, JPMorgan Chase held a technology showcase, where students could to talk to employees about their new technological initiatives and internship opportunities. 

Finance junior Emily Tavizon is interning with JPMorgan Chase next summer. Tavizon said the networking events and conferences she attended helped her get the internship and these events are very important for other students considering working for a specific company.

“I wanted to get an idea of the culture I am walking into at JPMorgan as well as meet some individuals who might be working in my office,” Tavizon said. “That is really important because when you are submitting application or sending out resumes, they will remember having a conversation with you and that carries a lot of weight.”