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10 UT-Austin custodians test positive for COVID-19

Laura Morales May 19, 2020

Editor’s note: This story is part of The Daily Texan’s coverage of how coronavirus concerns are affecting UT-Austin. Read the rest of our coverage here. Ten custodial staff members have...


Mayor Adler extends stay-at-home orders

Laura Morales May 8, 2020

Editor’s note: This story is part of The Daily Texan’s coverage of how coronavirus concerns are affecting UT-Austin. Read the rest of our coverage here. Mayor Steve Adler has extended the...


UT System debriefs, says goodbye to Fenves at Board of Regents meeting

Laura Morales May 7, 2020

Editor’s note: This story is part of The Daily Texan’s coverage of how coronavirus concerns are affecting UT-Austin. Read the rest of our coverage here. The UT System further developed a...


Contact tracers brace for COVID-19 case increase as Texas reopens businesses

Laura Morales May 5, 2020

Editor’s note: This story is part of The Daily Texan’s coverage of how coronavirus concerns are affecting UT-Austin. Read the rest of our coverage here. This week, over 1,000 COVID-19 contact...


UT System plans for fall reopening of all institutions

Laura Morales April 30, 2020

The University of Texas System plans to reopen all its institutions in the fall, Chancellor James B. Milliken announced Thursday. In a conversation with The Texas Tribune reporter Alana Rocha, Milliken...


University reduces summer tuition rate, freezes faculty merit raises

Laura Morales April 14, 2020

Online summer classes will have increased capacity and reduced tuition rates, UT President Gregory Fenves and Interim President Designate Jay Hartzell announced in a Universitywide email. The new summer...


UT-Austin to receive $31 million in federal stimulus aid from CARES Act

Laura Morales April 7, 2020

Editor’s note: This story is part of The Daily Texan’s coverage of how coronavirus concerns are affecting UT-Austin. Read the rest of our coverage here. Update, 3:30 p.m.: UT-Austin...


Gov. Greg Abbott announces influx of medical supplies for coronavirus treatment

Laura Morales April 6, 2020

Editor’s note: This story is part of The Daily Texan’s coverage of how coronavirus concerns are affecting UT-Austin. Read the rest of our coverage here. Texas will distribute more Personal...


44 UT-Austin students test positive for COVID-19 after Cabo spring break trip

Laura Morales March 31, 2020

Editor’s note: This story is part of The Daily Texan’s coverage of how coronavirus concerns are affecting UT-Austin. Read the rest of our coverage here. This story has been updated to reflect...


School of Nursing suspends in-person clinical experiences

Laura Morales March 24, 2020

Editor’s note: This story is part of The Daily Texan’s coverage of how coronavirus concerns are affecting UT-Austin. Read the rest of our coverage here. The School of Nursing suspended in-person...


UT-Permian Basin placed on financial watch due to misstatements, low enrollment rates

Laura Morales March 11, 2020

UT-Permian Basin had been overstating their financial condition to the UT System for five years, according to the UT System Board of Regents meeting Feb. 26.  The System’s Office of the Controller...

archer program COWS

Archer Center aims to increase affordability of programs

Laura Morales March 10, 2020

The UT System approved a funding increase for the Archer Center to expand resources and make Washington, D.C., living costs more affordable for students. The Archer Center is a UT System fellowship...


College of Liberal Arts forms diversity task force to create action plans, broaden equity

Laura Morales March 3, 2020

A task force was formed Wednesday to make the College of Liberal Arts more inclusive by surveying students and crafting diversity and equity action plans, said one of the force’s co-chairs. Monique...

tyler_Courtesy of the University of Texas at Tyler2

Board of Regents approves UT-Tyler medical school, first in Northeast Texas

Laura Morales February 28, 2020

The UT System Board of Regents unanimously approved the establishment of a medical school at UT Health Science Center at Tyler on Thursday. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and other accrediting...


Police student loan assistance aims to recruit educated forces

Laura Morales February 21, 2020

UT Police Department officer Dustin Farahnak responds to 911 calls between attending Texas Law classes, interning with the Travis County District Attorney, studying for the bar exam in July and caring...


Historically Black Universities funded less per student than flagship universities

Laura Morales February 21, 2020

Historically Black public colleges and universities are funded $2,500 less per student than the most prominent institutions in Texas, according to a Center for Public Policy Priorities study of the 2019...

tyler_Courtesy of the University of Texas at Tyler

UT-Tyler receives $80 million gift to build first East Texas medical school

Laura Morales February 14, 2020

The University of Texas at Tyler received an $80 million gift from the East Texas Medical Center Foundation on Wednesday for its medical school, which the UT System announced last week they will be establishing...


UT-Rio Grande Valley has lowest student debt of any national public institution

Laura Morales February 13, 2020

UT-Rio Grande Valley has the least graduate debt of public institutions in the nation, while UT-Austin graduates have double the amount of debt UTRGV has, according to U.S. News & World Report’s...


Texas higher education commissioner reveals plans for 60x30TX goals

Laura Morales February 11, 2020

Texas is falling behind on its education goal, known as 60x30TX, which aims for 60% of the Texas population to earn a postsecondary degree or certificate by 2030, said the Texas higher education commissioner...


Amid concerns of Iowa-like delays, Texas secretary of state says primary results will be on-time

Laura Morales February 10, 2020

Although Texas Democratic Party leaders worry a new system for reporting votes in Texas will delay final delegate counts on primary election night March 3, the Texas secretary of state office said results...

tyler med Courtesy of Karen Adler

UT System plans to establish first medical school in East Texas

Laura Morales February 7, 2020

The UT System announced plans to establish the only medical school in East Texas at a press conference Thursday.  Kirk Calhoun, president of the UT Health Science Center at Tyler, said the region...


Students of color defend UT-Austin affirmative action policies in court filing

Laura Morales February 7, 2020

UT students of color have filed testimonies with a civil rights association to defend the University’s affirmative action policy. The students are defending the policy against a national organization...

0204_PregnantPasses_BarbraDaly copy

Students advocate for Universitywide parental accommodations

Laura Morales February 4, 2020

The Graduate Student Assembly and Texas Horns for Life are crafting University policies to assist student parents with balancing family care and studying. Only six colleges at UT have an official parental...


$5 million grant to address nurse shortage in Texas

Laura Morales January 30, 2020

The nursing labor shortage in Texas prompted the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to allocate $5 million to educational programs last Thursday. The board gave the money to the Nursing, Allied...


Texas financial aid application will be online starting in fall of 2021

Laura Morales January 29, 2020

Students will no longer have to mail state financial aid applications once the application goes online, starting in fall 2021.  The Texas Application for State Financial Aid is currently submitted...

Life Rally_2020-1-27_rally_for_life_Blaine

Annual Rally for Life brings thousands, tripling last year’s numbers

Laura Morales January 27, 2020

An anti-abortion rally brought thousands of people to march to the Texas Capitol on Saturday, days after the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide.  The...


School finance bill aims to promote access to higher education

Laura Morales January 24, 2020

Education leaders met Thursday to discuss how colleges, universities and public schools will implement equity through methods such as requiring financial aid applications and funding lower-income school...


UT Law students prepare human rights report on ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

Laura Morales January 22, 2020

After observing makeshift court proceedings in tents and shipping containers and the conditions of encampments for asylum seekers across the border, the UT Law Immigration Clinic compiled a report that...


Texas One Stop website provides place for financial aid, student records, registration information

Laura Morales December 5, 2019

Financial aid, student records and registration information are now all available on one website.   The Texas One Stop website, finished on Nov. 21, consolidates information from the Office...

stage alliance contract increase 2015-04-07_Bass_Ellyn

UT System Board of Regents increases funds for staffing at UT-Austin concert halls

Laura Morales December 4, 2019

The UT System Board of Regents increased funding for staffing at various University concert halls during its meeting last month. Stage Alliance provides theatrical stagehand staff for performances and...


UT professors present Hispanic Equity Report to Texas House Representatives

Laura Morales November 25, 2019

Eight Hispanic professors held a public presentation with three members of the Texas House’s Mexican American Legislative Caucus Friday to report on issues of disparity they say they face at the...


UT program looks to expand resources to high school immigrants across Texas

Laura Morales November 22, 2019

The Monarch Student Program, part of the Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence, is revitalizing its efforts to reach out to high school students.  The program aims to help students brought to...


Students protest University’s handling of faculty misconduct during 3rd Sit-In for Student Safety

Laura Morales and Lauren Grobe November 21, 2019

More than 30 students chanted, hung signs and called University officials outside the provost’s office Wednesday while protesting the University’s handling of faculty sexual misconduct.  Sit-In...


Students protest University’s handling of faculty misconduct during 3rd Sit-In for Student Safety

Laura Morales and Lauren Grobe November 20, 2019

More than 30 students chanted, hung signs and called University officials outside the provost’s office Wednesday while protesting the University’s handling of faculty sexual misconduct.  Sit-In...


Board of Regents approves $38.5 million for Red River Street realignment

Laura Morales November 19, 2019

The UT Board of Regents approved $38.5 million to realign Red River Street and connect it to the existing Robert Dedman Drive. The street will be realigned to open approximately four acres for the development...


UT-Austin produced more than 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2017-2018 fiscal year, report says

Laura Morales November 18, 2019

After including “supply chain emissions,” a report updated last week by the Office of Sustainability shows how many metric tons of carbon dioxide was recently produced by the University. According...


Hundreds rally as Supreme Court hears DACA case

Laura Morales November 13, 2019

Hundreds of people rallied outside the Texas attorney general’s office Tuesday as the United States Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could decide the fate of young undocumented people,...


Students create “Creek Monster Habitat” for Waller Creek Show

Laura Morales November 12, 2019

Ambient music filled the air around a luminescent dome of leaves and sticks as onlookers explored the mysterious Waller Creek Monster Habitat. The display is one of the light sculptures that make up...


Moody Foundation gives $130 million grant for a new basketball arena

Laura Morales November 11, 2019

The University announced a $130 million grant from the Moody Foundation will go toward the construction of the new basketball arena at the football game Saturday. The arena will be named the Moody Center...

homelessness interviews 1106_StephSonik(Homelessness) copy

‘Voices from the Street’ storytelling website aims to help medical students understand homelessness

Laura Morales November 6, 2019

Rhie Morris said she slept outside a medical facility when she was homeless to make sure she didn’t miss an appointment for a stomachache. But after she missed the appointment and scheduled another...

cola_Monique Pikus_Courtesy of Kaitlyn Trowbridge-UT Austin College of Liberal Arts

College of Liberal Arts appoints inaugural diversity director

Laura Morales November 5, 2019

The College of Liberal Arts, UT’s second largest college, created a new position this semester as a mediator for faculty and staff and to promote diverse recruitment. COLA dean Ann Huff Stevens...

science_1104_Rocky Higine_HealthScienceAgreement

University partners with city of Austin to study how green spaces in school yards impact children’s health

Laura Morales November 4, 2019

The city of Austin and the University are collaborating to study how green spaces in schoolyards impact children’s health and activity. On Thursday, Austin City Council approved...


Texas Union closed until Sunday due to flooding in Union Underground

Laura Morales October 29, 2019

The Texas Union will be closed until Sunday due to a water leak that flooded the Union Underground. James Buckley, director of facilities and operations for University Unions, said the Union noticed...


Report exposes inequalities against Hispanics at UT

Laura Morales October 22, 2019

In 2016, psychology professor Francisco Gonzalez-Lima was awarded the top amount of grants in his department, amounting to more than $7 million. He was among the top published professors in his departmentand...


Aquarium fish invading Waller Creek

Laura Morales October 22, 2019

Colorful aquarium fish have invaded Waller Creek. The creek’s population of platy fish, native to northern Mexico, has reached the thousands according to research done by environmental science...


New student committee addresses intersection of race, environment

Laura Morales October 17, 2019

The Campus Environmental Center created a new committee to address the intersection of social issues and the environmental protection movement. The committee, called the Environmental Justice Committee,...


UT builds accessible pathway between 21st Street and Inner Campus Drive

Laura Morales October 14, 2019

Project Management and Construction Services is building an accessible pathway between Inner Campus Drive and 21st Street, replacing some of the stairs with ramps in the area.  Jill Stewart is...


Composting fees cost University hundreds of dollars per week

Laura Morales October 10, 2019

University composting loads are racking up hundreds of dollars in contamination fees per week. University Resource Recovery, which is responsible for reusing campus resources, said students should toss...


UT planning to make three engineering buildings ADA compliant over the summer

Laura Morales October 9, 2019

During her freshman year, Naili Salehuddin, who is legally blind, got lost for two hours trying to find her classroom. Advertising sophomore Salehuddin said she was looking for her Chinese class...


Future of produce delivery service Farm-to-Work at UT-Austin to be decided Thursday

Laura Morales October 2, 2019

A meeting this Thursday between a student health organization and a local produce distributor will determine the fate of a weekly UT program which provides produce to the UT community. Acccording to...


UT encourages battery recycling

Laura Morales October 1, 2019

Sustainability Resources has collected more than 200 pounds of used batteries since placing battery recycling bins throughout campus in March. Sustainability Resources, a department of University Housing...


Utilities installing new sewer line to prevent leakage, preserve turtle pond

Laura Morales September 25, 2019

The turtle pond no longer has sewage flowing beneath it due to construction of a new sewage line, which diverts waste from the Main Building. Jim Shrull, the sewer project manager at Utilities and Energy...


Employers will seek students at new career center

Laura Morales September 24, 2019

The new Center for Career Exploration and Development, which will give recruiters a renovated space to meet with students, is moving into its design phase. The facility on the second floor of the Flawn...


Hundreds of Austin students protest climate change during nationwide “Global Climate Strike”

Laura Morales September 21, 2019

More than a thousand Austin students led a local protest against climate change Friday as a part of hundreds of similar worldwide youth-led demonstrations. The “Global Climate Strike” was...


Parking and Transportation enforces scooter regulations for football season

Laura Morales September 20, 2019

UT implemented a wave of regulations on dockless scooters in the spring, which stadium attendees now face during the new football season.  UT Parking and Transportation banned scooters around the...


Indoor softball, baseball training facilities will be added to McCombs Field

Laura Morales September 19, 2019

Baseball and softball players will soon be able to avoid the Texas heat because new extensions to the Red and Charline McCombs Field will add an indoor training facility for both teams. The facility...

waller_0913_BarbDaly(WallerCreek) copy

University plans to develop Waller Creek as part of Campus Master Plan

Laura Morales September 13, 2019

UT is planning to develop Waller Creek by improving its walkability, environmental health and stability. The Waller Creek Framework Plan spells out recommendations for existing campus construction projects...


Students will be able to get student records, financial aid, tuition all in Main Building

Laura Morales September 12, 2019

Students can get their student records, financial aid and tuition services all in the same place starting in the spring of 2020. The Texas One Stop for Enrollment Services center will offer the student...


Student Advisory Council meets to craft recommendations for UT System Board of Regents

Laura Morales September 9, 2019

The Student Advisory Council to the UT System met this weekend to discuss supportive resources for sexual assault victims, international students and “at-risk” students across their campuses. The...


New Admissions Welcome Center to open at end of the month

Laura Morales September 5, 2019

Prospective student tours will be welcomed in the center of campus instead of on the other side of Guadalupe Street. The new $5 million Admissions Welcome Center will be located inside the Perry-Castañeda...


New Italian restaurant opens in the Union

Laura Morales September 5, 2019

MoZZo, a new Italian restaurant in the Texas Union, opened on Aug. 26 and serves made-to-order bowls, wraps and Tuscan waffles on a stick.  Adam Weisberg, owner and founder of MoZZo, also created...


UT combines 5 campus building renovations into one project to save cost, improve efficiency

Laura Morales August 30, 2019

In an effort to save money and improve efficiency, Project Management and Construction Services has consolidated five separate buildings’ renovations under the Campus Infrastructure Upgrades project.  The...


Matthew McConaughey joins Moody College of Communication faculty

Laura Morales August 29, 2019

Actor and UT alumnus Matthew McConaughey is joining the faculty of the Moody College of Communication as a film professor of practice starting this semester.  He was appointed by Jay Bernhardt,...


University Housing and Dining implements hand scanners in some dining halls

Laura Morales August 28, 2019

Hand scanners will be used to swipe student residents into Jester 2nd Floor Dining and Kinsolving Dining Hall this semester. When residents picked up their keys for their dorms during Mooov-In, they...


DKR Stadium, Welch Hall construction projects continue as the semester begins

Laura Morales August 26, 2019

As the fall 2019 semester begins, students should expect to see several major construction projects continuing from the summer. Welch Hall renovations are in the final phases and are scheduled to finish...


Anna Hiss Gymnasium renovations receive $24.5 million in funding

Laura Morales August 26, 2019

The University received $24.5 million from the UT System Board of Regents on Aug. 15 to convert the Anna Hiss Gymnasium into a robotics research space by spring 2021. As part of The UT Board of Regents’...


Keep Austin Wizard petitions University for renewable energy

Laura Morales May 6, 2019

Keep Austin Wizard is petitioning the University to convert to entirely renewable energy sources by 2035. The local student chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance, a nonprofit organization run primarily...

BlockParty_2019-24-4_Israeli Block Party_Evan

Texas Hillel hosts Israel Block Party as Palestine Solidarity Committee protests Israeli occupation

Laura Morales April 24, 2019

As Jewish student leaders played music, sold food and brought camels to showcase Israeli culture Tuesday, Palestinian counter-protesters marched up and down Speedway chanting and waving signs. The...

HISPANIC_FACULTY_ReneeKoite_ProfessorPay01 copy

Hispanic faculty found to be underrepresented, underpaid

Laura Morales and Cynthia Miranda April 18, 2019

Hispanic professors at UT are the lowest paid faculty and have often been excluded from higher positions, according to an ongoing committee analysis. The Independent Equity Committee consists of...


University Housing works with transgender students to find inclusive on-campus housing options

Laura Morales March 25, 2019

As housing contracts are sent out for the coming school year, some transgender students have to navigate more gender-inclusive housing options.   Housing is assigned by the gender a student...


On-campus University Methodist Church dissents to larger denomination’s restriction on LGBTQ clergy, same-sex marriage

Emily Hernandez and Laura Morales March 4, 2019

The on-campus University United Methodist Church said they will not go along with the national denomination’s recent vote to uphold the ban on LGBTQ clergy and same-sex marriage within the church.  The...


State Legislature’s first-ever LGBTQ caucus members reveal their goals, challenges for 86th session

Laura Morales February 20, 2019

Three members of the Texas Legislature’s LGBTQ caucus said their priorities this session were to increase representation for and reduce discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community on Tuesday.  The...


New collaboration between UT, Mexico tries to find solutions to human rights violations, violence

Laura Morales February 13, 2019

University of Texas scholars and Mexican officials gathered to brainstorm ideas for community development in Mexico during a two-day summit Monday and Tuesday. The Puentes Initiative, led by Ricardo...


Director of US Cyber operations offers perspective on modern combat

Laura Morales February 1, 2019

Cybersecurity operations help fight terrorism overseas and prevent Russian and North Korean hacking of United States facilities, Brig. Gen. Jennifer Buckner said during a talk at UT on Thursday. Buckner...


UN World Food Program appoints UT campus Ambassador

Laura Morales December 4, 2018

A United Nations World Food Program initiative has expanded its campus ambassador program to UT-Austin. The ShareTheMeal initiative, a crowdfunding smartphone application that fights global hunger,...

land2_1128_AndrewChoi copy

UT participates in nationwide initiative to help low income students

Laura Morales November 28, 2018

The University will participate in a new multi-institution collaborative effort to award more degrees to low-income, first-generation and minority students.  The Powered by Publics initiative collects...


UT implements prison education program

Laura Morales November 14, 2018

UT professors and graduate students began teaching at the Gardner Betts Juvenile Detention Center this fall as part of the Texas Prison Education Initiative. The initiative, which started in 2017, is...


Division of Diversity and Community Engagement launches Office of Inclusive Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Laura Morales November 12, 2018

In response to the growing number of start-ups on campus, the Office of Inclusive Innovation and Entrepreneurship launched late last month as part of an attempt to reach out to minority students. The...


Fine Arts Library unveils fifth floor renovations

Laura Morales November 8, 2018

Old and new volumes of books line the shelves in the fifth floor of the newly renovated Fine Arts Library. The renovations were unveiled last week and include 60 new study desks, new paint and carpet,...


Graduate School expands recruiting efforts internationally

Laura Morales November 2, 2018

UT’s Graduate School launched the Faculty Ambassador program Oct. 18 to expand international recruiting efforts. The program allocates additional funding for a faculty member’s existing...


UT Chapter of Turning Point USA hosts debate with organization founder

Laura Morales and Gracie Awalt October 25, 2018

A crowd of about 40 students surrounded by officers from the UT Police Department gathered on the West Mall on Wednesday to debate Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA founder and executive director. Turning...


UT law professors appear in Elizabeth Warren’s campaign video

Laura Morales October 22, 2018

UT law professors appeared in Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s recent campaign video titled “Elizabeth Warren’s family story.” The video gathered professors from the universities...


UT engineering professor receives $300,000 grant for pipeline research

Laura Morales October 16, 2018

A $300,000 grant was awarded to civil engineering associate professor Salvatore Salamone last month for his pipeline safety research. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration awarded...


Axios executive editor hosts conversation with leading entrepreneurs

Laura Morales October 15, 2018

Axios, an online media company, held a discussion on Friday with entrepreneurs about technology integration and business management as part of Axios’s Smarter Faster Revolution campus tours.  The...


UT approves construction of gender-neutral bathrooms in Burdine

Laura Morales October 12, 2018

The University approved a gender-inclusive bathroom in Burdine as part of the hall’s renovations after a year of faculty advocacy.  The President’s Advisory Committee on LGBTQ...


American Psychological Association indicates rise in freshman mental health disorders

Laura Morales October 3, 2018

As the number of students seeking mental health services rises, the Counseling and Mental Health Center is increasing their efforts to raise awareness of the signs of mental disorders.  A...

Habitat for Humanity campaigns for $250 million housing bond

Laura Morales September 20, 2018

In advance of the Nov. 6 election, UT’s Habitat for Humanity is campaigning for students to vote for a $250 million bond that aims to make Austin housing more affordable. Proposition A allocates...


UT-Austin organizations coordinate to register students to vote

Laura Morales September 18, 2018

The Civic Engagement Alliance, in conjunction with TX Votes, gathered representatives from 78 campus organizations to encourage voter registration among their members, students and the Austin community.  Representatives...


UT Austin microfarm relocates to larger location at UT’s intramural fields

Laura Morales September 11, 2018

The Campus Environmental Center relocated their microfarm from a fifth-acre plot to a half-acre plot at the Whitaker Intramural Fields on Guadalupe Street.  In conjunction with UT Recsports,...


Cockrell students make splash at Cockrell Kickoff

Laura Morales September 4, 2018

Students from the Cockrell School of Engineering gathered Saturday to swim, listen to music and eat a buffet of food at Cockrell Kickoff, an annual event that allows engineering students to gather and...

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