Halloween costume how-to for non-basic boos

Anna-Kay Reeves

Halloween has long been one of the only times of the year when people actually want their skin to crawl. But still, it’s only a particular sort of chill down their spines fans of the holiday want — one caused by spooks and spirits, not annoyance. In a world chock-full of characters to choose from, here are some interesting and easy alternatives to commonplace or potentially appropriative costumes.

Mariachi man to pummeled piñata

Whether you buy into the idea that mariachi man is appropriative or not, it’s better to be safe than sorry this Halloween. Originality is possible. Instead of spending money to rent a mariachi costume or trying to dig up the components, find a colorful sweater and pants and piñata-ify this Halloween. To look like a piñata that’s taken a few hits, use makeup to create the illusion of a black eye and a few cuts. Any eye rolls this look gets are sure to be out of amusement rather than of offense.

Memes and Vines

Dressing as the Arthur fist meme or undressing as the “Welcome to Chili’s” boy is a guaranteed conversation starter. One potential drawback of dressing up as a favorite meme is it’ll take some thought to translate the 2D meme onto the 3D platform of a human body. Fear not — there is a plethora of inspiration on the internet from trick-or-treaters who use signs around their necks or printed T-shirts to get their message across. These costumes can channel creativity as well as get
big laughs.

Dig deep

Remember when everyone on Earth was Harley Quinn for Halloween? Everyone was annoyed. People take inspiration from the moment, which is natural. But for something a bit more original, take a look into the past. Take Lizzie McGuire, for example. Or, for a couple, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ iconic denim look at the 2001 American Music Awards. Think back to favorite movies from a few years back for costume inspiration.
Recycling is good!

Get conceptual

Try making raining cats and dogs into a costume. Some may remember the look from the Fox series “New Girl” where Winston’s girlfriend shows up dressed as a queen with cats and dogs stapled to her cape — reigning cats and dogs. This might take some explaining, but once people get it, they’ll be impressed. Another rain look: It’s raining men. All that’s needed for this look is an umbrella and cutouts of dudes’ faces taped to string. Conceptual costumes are another look that might require a bit more effort but will be well received. Idioms are a big
thing here.

Classic Zombie

To take something basic and make it boo-tiful, be anything — but make it a zombie. Donald Trump? Zombie Donald Trump. Rapper? Zombie rapper. Maybe it’s juvenile, but there’s something entertaining about pop culture figures rotting before your eyes. It can even be a statement about the rot of media figures, depending on how far it’s taken. Some might say the Kardashians are rotting on TV screens just by existing, so take it to the next level and use that Kylie lip gloss for some
glam gashes.