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Waller Creek: The Waters Not Fine

Waller Creek: The Water’s Not Fine

Anna Kay Reeves October 28, 2021

The Daily Texan Audio · The Water's Not Fine     In the second episode of the Waller Creek series, audio reporter Anna Kay Reeves investigates the reasons behind the creek's poor water quality. Find...

Waller Creek: The Riot

Waller Creek: The Riot

Anna Kay Reeves and Addie Costello October 10, 2021

The Waller Creek Series is a special report from The Daily Texan Audio. In three-episode series, reporter Anna Kay Reeves investigates the history of the creek, how the climate crisis is putting pressure...


Open Door Service fills bellies and hearts

Anna-Kay Reeves April 16, 2019

Saturdays are for service at University United Methodist Church, where volunteers brave predawn wake up calls to prepare for Open Door. Each Saturday at 6:50 a.m., Open Door co-coordinators Wanda and...

merry jane and the fondas courtesy of Merry Jane and the Fondas

Merry Jane and the Fondas bring punk-rock to a stage near you

Anna-Kay Reeves April 8, 2019

For Merry Jane and the Fondas members Serenity Autumn, Ally Brown, John Young and Abhi Velaga, Austin’s do-it-yourself music community has been nothing but supportive as the band grows. For the...


Emotions run high, dry as students face 2020 election

Anna-Kay Reeves April 3, 2019

It’s been three years since the 2016 presidential election, but many young voters are still feeling aftershocks from the high-emotion election that saw Donald Trump elected president.  Those...


Downtown Daze: SXSW makes work hectic for downtown Austin employees

Anna-Kay Reeves March 13, 2019

As the Ides of March come upon the city, so do thousands of SXSW visitors. Whether people make a day trip for a SXSW show or stay the whole week, the chances are good that they will use hospitality services...


This Old Wood offers stylish sustainability in home decor

Anna-Kay Reeves March 4, 2019

Furniture from This Old Wood appears sleek and modern, but there’s more to the story than meets the eye. From the Davis Mountains to the plains of the Panhandle, Texas has an expansive and varied...


Minding the Drinking Age Gap in ATX

Anna-Kay Reeves February 25, 2019

Between studying and socializing, college students work to find a delicate balance. Among the distractions that keep students from studying and the assignments that keep the good times from rolling,...


Austin Cave Festival tackles rising water worries

Anna-Kay Reeves February 18, 2019

From the boil-water notice in the fall to recent smelly tap water allegedly caused by zebra mussels, Austin has been up to its neck in water worries this past year. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower...


Women of Flatbed at Elisabet Ney: A Continuing Female Legacy

Anna-Kay Reeves February 5, 2019

On 44th Street sits a castle-like home with views of a stream and rooms filled with art. A fairy tale home might seem like an unlikely place for a strong show of feminism, but “Women of Flatbed:...


Eats in East Austin fill the belly without breaking the bank

Anna-Kay Reeves December 7, 2018

With the food and entertainment options available in sight of the Tower or Capitol, it’s possible for students to meet their needs without leaving the campus bubble. But out in Austin’s great...

homeless_art_show2018-11-07_Austin_ ConventionCenterPortraits_ Samantha

Homeless, struggling artists find hope in creativity

Anna-Kay Reeves December 3, 2018

With institutions such as The Blanton Museum of Art and installations like Ai Wei Wei’s “Forever Bicycles,” Austin offers many opportunities for art lovers to get their fix. The Art From...


Steel meets sky in Austin’s Zilker neighborhood

Anna-Kay Reeves November 30, 2018

Amid the hustle and bustle of downtown Austin, traffic has not yet drowned out the sounds of birds in the trees of Zilker Park and the splash of Lady Bird Lake. With skyscrapers peeking through the...

Art from the Streets marks quarter plus century of service

Anna-Kay Reeves November 26, 2018

People’s contact with the homeless is generally limited to a handful of change and pocket lint. But most often what the homeless get is rolled-up windows and averted eyes. Art from the Streets...


Hunk of Burnet Love Part 2: Strip mall with a soul

Anna-Kay Reeves November 26, 2018

Between the chains and mom-and-pop joints, Burnet Road can fix you for fried chicken, bangle bracelets or a futon. A strip mall of sorts, the stretch is unique from suburban sprawl because of its passionate...


Expansion and impact: Austin’s Community First! Village strengthens fight against homelessness

Anna-Kay Reeves November 12, 2018

With the Drag bordering the West end of campus, Austin homelessness is an issue Longhorns do not miss.  Homelessness is a problem in Austin. However, unlike many urban areas, Austin has an innovative...


The Scoop on the Loop Part 2: East North Loop

Liliana Hall and Anna-Kay Reeves November 8, 2018

The eastern section of North Loop is business after business operating beyond the ordinary, and selling products that let people do the same. Its neon signs, food trucks and vintage stores embody all...


Austin’s title as live music capital contested by musicians

Anna-Kay Reeves November 2, 2018

“Austin, Texas: Live Music Capital of the World” — this phrase is on Austin’s website, at the airport and around the city. For many, Austin is a concertgoer’s paradise, but...


Elisabet Ney Museum offers inspiration in art and the story of a life

Anna-Kay Reeves November 2, 2018

In the early days of settlement in Texas, it took grit to make it for men and women alike. German-American sculptress Elisabet Ney had enough grit to not only make it, but make beautiful art as well.  The...

The Scoop on the Loop Part 1: West North Loop

Liliana Hall and Anna-Kay Reeves October 25, 2018

Records, vintage clothes and coffee make a Holy Trinity of a hip afternoon. What more could Austinites ask for? Plants, maybe. The 200 block of North Loop offers not only the trinity of Breakaway Records,...


Halloween costume how-to for non-basic boos

Anna-Kay Reeves October 23, 2018

Halloween has long been one of the only times of the year when people actually want their skin to crawl. But still, it’s only a particular sort of chill down their spines fans of the holiday want...


Part Two: Hyde and go seek out some of Hyde Park’s best stops for meals, snacks

Anna-Kay Reeves and Liliana Hall October 19, 2018

With Victorian homes shaded by decades-old trees, Austin’s Hyde Park already looks the part of an idyllic hideaway.  Not only does the neighborhood have the look, it’s full of quaint,...


Part One: Hyde and Go Seek

Liliana Hall and Anna-Kay Reeves October 11, 2018

Hyde Park has a reputation for being quaint and quirky. With an eclectic assortment of small businesses from bakeries to restaurants to a theatre, Hyde Park lives up to the hype. The neighborhood’s...

flame review_ Courtesy of Farrar, Straus and Giroux

‘The Flame’ burns up the poetry scene

Anna-Kay Reeves October 9, 2018

You, like many of today’s youth, probably know the song “Hallelujah” from “Shrek” as performed by John Cale. What you might not know is the song was originally released in...

little women_ courtesy main dog productions

2018’s ‘Little Women’ is awkward in a big way

Anna-Kay Reeves October 1, 2018

From a BBC miniseries to nitty-gritty reality show “Little Women LA,” Louisa May Alcott’s 1869 novel “Little Women” has sparked a wide array of adaptations over the last century. The...


Modern movement: CapMetro, Austin’s transportation progress with times

Anna-Kay Reeves September 25, 2018

With artificial intelligence and automation reaching new levels of capability, some might say the robot revolution is approaching. However, with technology’s potential for greater efficiency and...


Cookbook Bar & Café fuels downtown study sessions

Anna-Kay Reeves September 25, 2018

You’ve most likely read “To Kill a Mockingbird,” but have you had a Tequila Mockingbird? Thanks to Cookbook Bar & Café, Austin Central Library is your one stop shop for both. Cookbook...

Fun_0913_fun in austin_Nikole_Pena

Savvy spending for good times on a budget

Anna-Kay Reeves September 13, 2018

“I’m so broke right now.” As if there’s a time when you’re not. Being broke doesn’t have to mean missing out if you play it smart. With technology at our fingertips...

0910_ChanningMiller(small town)

Safe in the city: Awareness is key

Anna-Kay Reeves September 10, 2018

Austin’s city lights are a big attraction for many, but those lights can be blinding if you’re not properly adjusted to them. For many UT students, moving to Austin means navigating an entirely...


Heavy Hitters: Austin’s derby girls skate circles around norms to Keep Austin Weird

Anna-Kay Reeves September 6, 2018

Austin’s roller derby scene is booming on a larger-than-Hollywood scale with the city’s roller derby league, TXRD, serving as the inspiration for not only a film, but a book and reality show...

BevoBucks0830_AlekkaHernandezbevobucks copy

Here’s how to get a bigger bang for your (Bevo) bucks

Anna-Kay Reeves August 30, 2018

Within a half-mile radius of campus, restaurants and cafes sing a siren song to unwary Longhorns: “Bevo Bucks accepted here.” Take that UT ID out of your pocket, look at your horrible orientation...


Looking for a scenic space to get some work done? Try these five campus study spots

Anna-Kay Reeves August 29, 2018

Instead of going stir-crazy cooped up in your usual work space, check out these spots on campus to get some work done.  The Texas Union With Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks and Panda Express in the lower...


Broads in Austin team up in name of art and activism

Anna-Kay Reeves May 2, 2018

Women are responsible and ladies look nice in pearls, but broads? Broads make things, and the gals behind Broad Studios make amazing art together. The idea, like many great things, was born out of necessity....


Students walk the line between using social groups as a community, not a crutch

Anna-Kay Reeves April 25, 2018

The college experience means something different to everyone, but across the board, it’s usually defined by good times with good people.  Student organizations are a great way to facilitate...


Busk and be busted: Austin street artists are limited by law

Anna-Kay Reeves April 17, 2018

Busking. Not an ancient farming practice, not profanity, but the term for something else entirely — street performance. From magic acts to solo musicians, buskers make money attracting the attention...


Roadhouse Relics’ neon puts Austin art in a new light

Anna-Kay Reeves April 10, 2018

The bright lights of the big city glow a little brighter at the corner of South 1st and Annie Street. It’s here, behind the iconic “Greetings from Austin” mural, that artist Todd Sanders...


Lonestar Round Up brings the wonder of the open road curbside

Anna-Kay Reeves April 3, 2018

Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, seafoam green and hot rods — these things can belong to no era other than the 1950s. Lonestar Round Up, an annual gathering of classic cars, live music and vendors,...

Minor tragedy resolved: Spanish department will introduce certificate programs

Anna-Kay Reeves March 27, 2018

To muscle your way into the real world, it takes a resume with an impressive flex. In preparation for this tango with the job market, students spend time on internships, research and, of course, learning...


Five SXSW events that will restore your faith in the future

Anna-Kay Reeves March 6, 2018

Robots are taking our jobs. People are becoming more disconnected. A lot of things are said to be happening that make the future seem about as appealing as the last slice of leftover pizza: You know it’ll...


The curious case of the involuntary volunteer: students struggle to stay motivated doing required volunteer work

Anna-Kay Reeves February 27, 2018

Dirty soap. Little giant. Mandatory volunteerism. These pairings are obvious oxymorons, yet unlike the first two, the last is a common feature of college life. Whether the contradiction is a good or...


Before you can get lost in a book, you’ll get lost in the library

Anna-Kay Reeves February 21, 2018

If you find yourself in the Perry-Castañeda Library, also known as “The Pickle,” looking to check out a book, you may find yourself in a pickle of a whole different sort. I entered...


As religious attendance dips, faith connections remain important for students

Anna-Kay Reeves February 13, 2018

In a study of religious practices of college students, The Cooperative Institutional Research Program found that college students are becoming increasingly detached from religion. Since 1990, the number...


In the age of online everything, love fights to remain genuine

Anna-Kay Reeves February 9, 2018

For those who have grown up in the internet age, flirting has evolved from passing notes in class to sliding into DMs. While and Tinder are specifically geared toward the search for love online,...


Fact versus finsta: the search for authenticity on the Internet

Anna-Kay Reeves January 30, 2018

Finsta accounts, which are usually private, highlight the less picturesque and more personal moments of an Instagram user’s life. This is done comedically, recklessly or emotionally, varying from...

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