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October 4, 2022

Hey, Curious Campus: What are some of the best places to study on campus?

Rena Li

While the midterm elections have come and gone, the stress of midterm exams has just begun.

But as popular places like the Perry-Castañeda Library and the Student Activity Center begin to fill with students cramming for the exams, it can be difficult for everyone else to find a place to study.

So, when one of our readers asked us, “What are some of the best places to study on campus?” we looked into it as part of Curious Campus, our series where we answer reader-submitted questions every week.


Life Sciences Library

Along with the wooden chandeliers and decorative ceilings, the Life Sciences Library in the Main Building on the second floor has dozens of chairs and large tables for studying. As the original library for the University, this place has been a go-to for studying for more than 100 years.

Human development and family sciences senior Lauren Rosa said she has enjoying studying in the library since discovering it during her freshman year.

“It's super quiet and has a Hogwarts vibe,” Rosa said. “It's nice going there because I know I can get a lot done with little distractions.”


Engineering and Education Research Center

Unlike the the Life Sciences Library, the Engineering and Education Research Center opened less than two years ago. But despite its recent addition to campus, it has quickly become popular among engineering students because of the natural light and ample studying space.

Environmental engineering sophomore Beth Wigton said she likes studying in the EERC because of the variety of seating in the building and the different places to explore.

“The EERC is also really nice and … it’s really calming,” Wigton said. “I need the sun and the greenery and being under the blue skies. It clears my mind and helps me tackle my work.”


South Mall

Unless rain starts pouring from the sky, you’ll probably see at least a few people with their backpacks sprawled along the South Mall whenever you walk past the Tower. The great view and open space make this a great space to study if you’re looking for some fresh air.

Paige Kubenka, rhetoric and writing and Plan II honors junior, said her favorite place to study is on the South Mall because she loves being outside and having space to work.

“The combination of the sunshine, the calming presence of nature, and the view of the capitol makes it a nice environment,” Kubenka said.  “Also, there is the presence of some noise without being overwhelmingly loud, which is a hard balance to find in any indoor space.”


Mezes Hall Courtyard

If you walk across from the South Mall, you can also find a small courtyard in between Mezes and Batts Hall. If you can snag one of the few seats available, you’ll definitely feel relaxed among the crisp fall air and the trees.

Allyson Stephens, English and linguistics sophomore, said she enjoys studying at the Mezes Hall Courtyard because unlike her dorm, it is calm and she is able to enjoy being alone there.

“The area between Mezes and Batts feels a little cut off from the rest of the world,” Stephens said. “It’s honestly like a little slice of heaven to me. It feels a lot more comfortable than most of the other places on campus and you can do almost anything uninterrupted there.”


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Hey, Curious Campus: What are some of the best places to study on campus?