Texas Democrat files bill that alerts colleges if transfer students have history of sex offenses

Chase Karacostas

A state legislator filed a bill yesterday which would provide colleges with more information about transfer students with a history of sexual misconduct or violence.

House Bill 524 would require “specific notation” on the transcript of students who have violated the school’s code of conduct because of a sex offense as well as whether the student was suspended, expelled or withdrew from the school.

HB 524 comes shortly after students at UT-Dallas protested after they learned a transfer student from Baylor had plead guilty to unlawful restraint in a case accusing him of sexually assaulting another student. The plea deal also allowed him to avoid being registered as sex offender.

“I look forward to seeing students engage in the legislative process to resolve this issue via HB 524, so it does not happen again,” state Rep. Victoria Neave, D-Dallas, said in a statement.



A petition that gathered 29,000 signatures asked for him to be banned from the school. UTD’s President has since released a statement saying an unnamed student whose legal history the school was unaware of is no longer allowed on campus and will not attend their graduate school.

“When parents send their daughters and sons to college, they do it with an expectation that they will be learning in a safe environment,” Neave said in a statement. “HB 524 will help decrease the risk that Texas students will be exposed to sexual offenders who may have transferred schools to avoid the consequences of their violent acts.”

Neave also created a Sexual Violence Task Force in the Dallas area earlier this year to address sexual offenses in the state.