Hey, Curious Campus: Where are the best places to spend my Bevo Bucks?

Mackenzie Graham

With Bevo Bucks, everything students need are in the palms of their hands — or the pockets of their phone cases.

The cashless form of payment on students’ ID cards enables them to purchase food and various goods and services at participating merchants both on and off campus. But with so many options, how can students decide where to go? 

So, when one of our readers asked us, “Where are the best places to spend my Bevo Bucks?” we looked into it as our part of Curious Campus, a series where we answer reader-submitted questions.

Cynthia Lew, marketing manager for University Housing and Dining, said that the department welcomes recommendations from students, and they receive a lot of them. Students can suggest a new Bevo Bucks merchant on the website.

“We welcome it,” Lew said. “That way, we are going to places where students are interested in instead of us just picking random businesses.” 

Annabelle Furrh, a Plan II and business freshman, said Bevo Bucks were at the top of her birthday wish list because of its convenience and accessibility. 

“I spent a lot of Bevo Bucks at Cava and Torchy’s,” Furrh said. “I also spent a lot of Bevo Bucks at the vending machines buying late night snacks or soda, because there is nothing open near me late at night.”

Furrh said she was surprised to hear about the Merchant of the Week program, which provides students with weekly deals at participating merchants who accept Bevo Bucks. 

“I think it would be really helpful if, especially for the people who live in the dorm who have to eat dorm food, they sent out an email with these deals at the beginning of the week,” Furrh said.


Business honors sophomore Samantha Bryant said she loves spending her Bevo Bucks at Chipotle. 

“I love Chipotle just because it’s nice,” Bryant said. “I don’t have to think about spending any extra money, and it’s a restaurant that I probably would eat at anyway … My go-to order is a salad with two scoops of black beans, chicken and all of the veggie toppings,” Bryant said.

Government freshman Jane Walters said she spent most of her Bevo Bucks at Shake Smart, a healthy smoothie restaurant in Gregory Gym, and at the restaurants located inside the Union. She recommends the pb&a acai bowl and the organic supershake from Shake Smart. 

“It’s kind of nice to not eat dining food and go to a real restaurant with a real meal,” Walters said. “It makes you feel like you are going off campus, but you are still on campus. It feels more sustainable than spending my parent’s real money.”