Hey, Curious Campus: Where are some of the best places to watch TV on campus?

Mackenzie Graham

With the new season of Game Of Thrones as well as the upcoming release of latest Avengers movie, many students are planning on binge-watching the new TV shows and movies. 

Watching TV on campus allows students to continue to stay up-to-date with their current TV show obsessions and latest movie releases. 

So, when one of our readers asked us, “Where are the best places to watch TV on campus?” we looked into it as our part of Curious Campus, a series where we answer reader-submitted questions.

Life Science Library 

Special education sophomore Isabel Simonds says she thinks the Life Science Library is the perfect quiet place to watch TV. 

“The library in the main Tower is really quiet,” Simonds said. “ I feel like it would be the perfect place to just pop in your headphones and watch TV.”

She also recommends watching TV on the second floor stairs of the SAC above Starbucks.

“I like watching TV in the sleep area in the SAC,” Simonds said. “It has stairs and cushions. Also, it is quiet because most people are sleeping.”

Student Activity Center 

The Student Activity Center is a popular place among students to watch TV on campus in between classes. Psychology freshman Phoebe Khong said she likes the atmosphere of the Student Activity Center. 

“I watch in the SAC because it is really chill there,” Khong said. “That’s basically where I do everything. It’s a good place to relax after class as well as during a break.” 

Abby Criswell, a computer science and biochemistry freshman, said her favorite place to watch TV on campus is also the SAC. Criswell said she usually watches comedies such as Psych and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

“The SAC has a lot of great spaces with a lot of natural sunlight,” Criswell said. “I really like to go there and camp out whenever I have time in between my classes.”

Blanton Residence Hall 

International relations freshman Tara Jackson said she likes watching TV in Blanton Residence Hall.

“I live on campus, so I like watching TV in my room,” Jackson said. “I like being able to watch TV in my bed.”

She said that she is currently watching Game of Thrones. 

“I am watching Game of Thrones right now,” Jackson said. “I am not caught up, so no spoilers please!”