Notes from the opponent: TCU 360

Marcus Krum

The Daily Texan spoke to the sports editor at TCU 360, Colin Post, to preview No. 15 Texas’ matchup with the Horned Frogs.  

The Daily Texan: Last week, Kanasas State pulled out the win over TCU. Offensively, where will the Horned Frogs need to improve this weekend in order to outscore what’s been a prolific Texas offense?

Colin Post: Well, here’s the thing with the TCU offense. Obviously, this season they went through this identity crisis of, “Who’s going to be our signal caller?” They started with the graduate transfer from Kansas State Alex Delton, and then by the time we got to Saturday’s matchup, we’re more focused on Max Duggan, the true freshman (quarterback) out of Iowa. Sonny Cumbie, the offensive coordinator, is really looking to try to work on Duggan right now and get him comfortable with the team. He really showed an emergence (last Saturday against Kansas State) on being able to extend plays with (his) legs. … That was a big plus, but what he’s really continuing to struggle with is passing the football. 

DT: One of the storylines the last couple weeks is how Texas started the season playing great in run defense. … The last couple weeks, they’ve struggled in that aspect. What threats are posed by the TCU rushing attack this week?

CP: I think you look at last week, Texas struggled against (sophomore running back) Pooka Williams Jr. who really — once he gets into the open field he’s dangerous, he’s shifty, he’s quick. (TCU’s) lead running back Darius Anderson is like that. He’s among the top in the conference with 588 rushing yards, and his yards per carry is dangerous. He’s just got electric speed. And then on the other hand you’ve got (senior) Sewo Olonilua, who’s more of a power back who does present some speed. But really the valuable thing about Olonilua (is that) not only can he get you a score on fourth in goal at the one, but on third-and-fours and fourth-and-twos, those longer clutch downs and near midfield. Olonilua’s able to get those for the Horned Frogs, extending drives. And so that one-two punch I would say — look for Anderson to definitely get more carries on Saturday, especially with some of the speed that this Texas defense can provide.

DT: When we asked the offensive players about the TCU defense, they said they throw these funky blitzes at (offenses) … How do you think that has played into TCU’s success on defense so far this season, and how do you think this defensive front matches up against this Texas offense?

CP: I mean, there’s no question it’s paid off for TCU. They’re No. 1 in the Big 12 in total defense and No. 11 nationally. Their defensive line has really struggled this year, only producing a handful of sacks, and that’s something that just killed (TCU) against Iowa State. (Iowa State quarterback) Brock Purdy had so much time in the pocket, and then when he needed to run he did, and carved (TCU) up. And so this weekend … I think the Texas offensive line, though it’s really struggled as of late … TCU only has 11 sacks on the season. So I think the lines match up decently well, as I think both of them have kind of struggled.