Photographer pursued passion at the Texan, owes it all to wife

Joshua Guenther

I’ve never been good at introductions, highs-and-lows or being put on the spot for that matter. In these situations, the truth became my recurring joke.

With every semester, photo meetings would start by going around and sharing an interesting fact about ourselves. When it was my turn, I could only think to shout “I’m married!” From then on, it was a conversation piece: “Oh, you didn’t know Josh is married?” 

The photo department did a good job joshing me: “Look out ladies. He’s taken.” The playful banter was a reminder of who takes the sacrifice for letting me do what I love. 

My wife Rebecca. 

Thank you for letting me spend all my time doing photography. For encouraging me to go shoot when I’m stressed from school. For your patience when I work at the Texan until midnight and we haven’t seen each other in days because our schedules don’t align. 

Thank you for your strength and devotion to my passion. I hope I can push you towards yours.