Comics editor says goodbye to beloved basement corner

Channing Miller

After six semesters, six comics editors, three different job descriptions and four sketchbooks, it is finally time for me to say goodbye to my beloved corner of the basement. 

This corner isn’t just a place where I have sat with aching knuckles and a sketchbook in my lap. This was where I came up with “Typically Atypical” as the name of my comic strip. I developed and changed my art style so many times as I was constantly inspired by the different kinds of talent that graced that corner. I spent 4 1/2 hours there putting the page together for the first time on my first night as editor.

More importantly, though, that corner is where I made memories with people I will always consider my friends. This was where Rachel and I would fawn over The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where Lexi would regale me with how she picked out her lip gloss for the day, where Bixie and I would talk about podcasts we wanted to make together and where Albert and I would discuss our most recent Game of Thrones theories. Maybe what I will remember most of all, however, is how few places there are where I feel as comfortable as I do listening to a true crime story with Lauren by my side as we scribble away. 

Don’t get me wrong. That corner has heard a lot of stressed out mumbling and even seen a few tears, but I have seen so much growth there, not just in myself, but in so many others. Alekka, Barb, Rocky and Steph, I have watched the four of you develop incredible skills as artists, but I have also seen you become impeccable leaders, and I could not be prouder to be leaving one of my favorite places in your very capable hands. Lauren, thank you for completing this last round with me. You are my best friend and the memories we made in our little corner will be something I cherish for a lifetime. 

Thank you all for entrusting me with the page y’all turn to first — even if only for the sudoku — for the past three semesters. It has been the most rewarding experience of my college career. Farewell, comic’s corner.