5 last-minute Valentine’s Day date ideas around campus

Ariana Arredondo

With due dates coming up left and right, planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date may have slipped your mind. But don’t fret, The Daily Texan has compiled a list of last-minute destinations on campus for you to explore with your valentine. 

Campus Picnic 

The Turtle Pond near the biology labs and greenhouse is usually something students pass on their way to class. But this Valentine’s Day, a quick stop on The Drag for a to-go lunch and a small blanket are all the materials you need to have the perfect turtle-watching picnic. Another on-campus picnic destination is South Mall. That George Washington statue may not be the most romantic of views, but laying on the grass during sunset or sunrise is sure to make your date swoon. 

The Blanton Museum of Art

Whether you’re an art buff or you’ve never willingly been to a museum, you should add the Blanton Museum of Art to your Valentine’s Day itinerary. One exhibition currently up is “The Artist at Work,” which showcases how artists have portrayed themselves and their identities through their work. Before leaving museum grounds, you should also stop by Ellsworth Kelly’s “Austin,” an architectural art piece with multicolored stained glass windows that makes for a great Instagram opportunity. 

The Color Inside 

“The Color Inside” is a Skyspace by James Turrell on the third floor of the William C. Powers, Jr. Student Activity Center. The space has a skylight at the top which, along with light strips on the walls and the sun’s placement, creates a multicolored experience. The sun’s position in the sky makes the best times to visit the Skyspace sunset and sunrise. Spots to see the light sequence during that time are usually full, but if you get there early, you might just be lucky enough to snag a standby spot. Regardless, “The Color Inside” is a can’t miss destination that will leave you mesmerized. Head up there after a romantically lit fast-food lunch at the fireplace lounge in the WCP to complete the date.

Board Games

If you’re in a competitive mood, the WCP also has board games in stock and available for check out. Go over to the hospitality desk and choose from Scrabble, dominoes, Risk, Monopoly and chess. After picking your favorite game, find a spot to play, make jokes and have fun.  

Bowling in the Texas Union Underground 

Bowling is a classic date option for couples and friends alike. There is a bowling alley located on campus in the Union Underground, the bottom level of the Texas Union. If you ever wanted to have a date straight out of a movie scene, now is the time. Head over to the Union and try your hardest to beat your valentine in a friendly game of bowling. The alley has regular bowling for $2 per game and glow bowl featuring music, lasers and black lights for $3. If bowling isn’t your thing or if you’re just plain bad at it, the Union Underground also offers pool tables for $5 an hour and air hockey for $8 an hour.