What to watch on Valentine’s Day if you’re single

Grace Barnes

It’s that time of year again for heart-shaped boxes, bouquets of roses and chocolate-covered strawberries. It’s the day when some lucky couples go out for romantic candlelit dinner dates or exchange cute gifts and enjoy each other’s company.  

But for those of us who have remained single, Valentine’s Day can be lonely — even gross — seeing all those happy couples together while you sit at home with your pet and some takeout. Not to worry, The Daily Texan is here to remind you that being single is OK. 

Whether you’re waiting on love, getting over a breakup or need justification that not being in a relationship is totally fine, the Texan has got you covered. Here are our top five movies to watch if you’re single this Valentine’s Day. 

Legally Blonde 

If you’re trying to get over a breakup this Valentine’s Day, what better way to spend your night than watching this female-empowering classic? We can’t guarantee you’ll get into Harvard Law School, but we promise you are a strong, independent person, and someday the right person will walk into your life and love you for exactly who you are. Available for rent or purchase on Amazon Prime. 

 When Harry Met Sally

Another romantic comedy staple, “When Harry Met Sally,” is a great reminder that sometimes love takes a while to develop. It might start out as a friendship and stay that way for a really long time before you both discover your true feelings for each other. And then they’ll show up at your New Year’s Eve party and tell you how much they love you and all your flaws. Adorable. Available for purchase on Amazon Prime. 


Get to know yourself a little bit more this Valentine’s Day instead of worrying about everyone else. Love might come from the person you least expect, so toss aside all expectations and just be yourself! Besides, there’s always time for young Paul Rudd and Cher Horowitz’s amazing wardrobe. Available for rent or purchase on Amazon Prime. 

The Notebook 

This one is for all the saps out there: We see you, we hear you. If you’re single but you still believe in love, treat yourself this Valentine’s Day to this classic romantic tearjerker. Dream about your Noah all you want — your grow-old together love story could be just around the corner. Available on Netflix and rent or purchase on Amazon Prime. 

Get Out (bold/Arial)  

Last but not least, we wanted to give Jordan Peele’s 2017 thriller a place on this list because it is perhaps the most compelling film in justifying our singleness. “Get Out” reminds us that when it’s time to meet the parents, it’s important to remember that your partner and their family could be running a body-stealing operation in their basement so being single is great! Available for rent or purchase on Amazon Prime.