Wingstop set to open on The Drag in summer 2020

Neha Madhira

Wingstop, a chicken wing restaurant chain, will open a new location on The Drag in summer 2020. 

There are currently eight Wingstop locations in Austin, according to the Wingstop website. As of now, the closest Wingstop stores are at least three miles away and are not within walking distance for many students. The new restaurant will be located on the 23rd block of Guadalupe Street next to clothing boutique Miss Behavin.

“We’re opening a lot of new restaurants all over the country, and Texas is one of our biggest growing markets,” said Anthony Perez, Wingstop’s new restaurant marketing manager. “I am a former Longhorn myself, so I am very excited for a Wingstop to be there.”

Perez said the restaurant serves over 11 different flavors of wings. He said the restaurant will be very popular for college students. 

“Mainly, we have classic wings and boneless wings,” Perez said. “We also have chicken tenders. I just think (the store) will be a very warm welcome for students here.”


Neuroscience freshman Sarah Simmons said Wingstop may take business away from Pluckers, a chicken wing restaurant with a location in West Campus.

“(Wingstop) will be closer to campus,” Simmons said. “I mean, it will be cool to have another wing place opening up.”

Simmons said she also thinks businesses tend to close down a lot on The Drag. 

“Maybe the Wingstop will stay open because it’s such a big, national company,” Simmons said.

The chain started in 1994, and there are now more than 1,250 locations around the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the UK and the United Arab Emirates, according to the Wingstop website.

“I feel like a lot of (businesses on The Drag) come and go,” business freshman Aishwarya Agnihotri said. “It’s just kind of frustrating how they close down.”

Geography sophomore Noelia Lazo said she is unsure of businesses staying open on The Drag as well. 

“There are multiple big companies, such as Dunkin’ Donuts, shutting down,” Lazo said. “It’s just crazy that they can’t even afford to stay on (Guadalupe Street).”

Perez said Wingstop representatives will announce more details about the new location closer to summer 2020. 

“We actually just launched delivery as well,” Perez said. “That will make it even easier for students to try our wings.”