Friday the 13th: Where to get a discounted tattoo on the spooky day

Avery Wohleb

It might almost be spring, but that doesn’t mean spooky out of season.

Continuing with the long-standing tradition, many tattoo shops in Austin will be offering discounted tattoos Friday to celebrate the first Friday the 13th of two this year. To keep up with the surge in demand, shops will only tattoo designs picked from their flash sheets, a collection of small, predrawn illustrations that typically incorporate the number 13.

The Daily Texan compiled a list of tattoo shops in Austin that will be offering a Friday the 13th special.

All Saints Tattoo 

From 10 a.m.-2 a.m. at their downtown location and for 24 hours at their north location, All Saints Tattoo will be celebrating the spooky day with $31 cash only tattoos. With 15 flash sheets and over 550 designs to choose from, the designs will range anywhere from pineapples to planets and can be viewed on their Instagram, @allsaintsatx. Artists will allow up to three colors in addition to the black outline in each tattoo, which will only be done on arms or legs.

The Austin Tattoo Co. 

For 24 straight hours, starting at 12 a.m. on the 13th, The Austin Tattoo Co. will be offering small $20 tattoos, $13 for the design plus a $7 tip. Tattoos will only be inked on arms and legs, and are limited to black and red ink. Customers can get as many tattoos as they desire. However, available designs will only be posted in the shop and will not be made available online, so get to 5214 N. Lamar Blvd. early to check them out. 

Mom’s Tattoos 

Unlike previous Friday the 13ths for the shop, only the first 13 people in line at Mom’s will receive a special $13 tattoo plus a $7 tip, cash only. After the 13th person, all tattoo prices and designs will vary for the rest of the day. The shop, located at 1703 S. Lamar Blvd., will open at noon.  

Black Dagger Tattoo 

If you’re looking for a larger tattoo, Black Dagger Tattoo might be the place to go. Unlike other shops, Black Dagger will have bigger designs for Friday the 13th, and the prices for each will start at $100. The shop, located at 1215 Corona Dr., will be open from noon to 8 p.m. and will be first come, first served to all customers. Keep an eye on their Instagram @blackdaggertattooatx for a sneak peek of the available designs.

Amillion Tattoo

Although some shops might allow customers to take the number 13 out of their designs, Amillion Tattoo is not one of them. Located on 8556 Research Blvd., Amillion Tattoo is offering Friday the 13th tattoos starting at noon on Friday. The shop will only accept cash and tattoos will be limited to arms and legs. Tattoos start at $20 and will vary depending on the design. To check out their flash sheets, visit @amilliontattoo on Instagram.