SG and Senate push to modify internal transfer process


Photo Credit: Nikayla Belford | Daily Texan Staff

Student Government and the Senate of College Councils passed a joint resolution to make the internal transfer process, used to switch to a different college within the University, easier for students.

The resolution calls for a change to the internal transfer application process by aligning different colleges’ internal transfer processes with one another. The resolution suggests using the current external transfer application timeline, used to transfer into UT from a different university, as a template. Currently, the internal transfer applications for different colleges have different requirements and deadlines.

The resolution states that reforming the internal transfer application process would alleviate the stress experienced by students, advisers, administration and any others involved in this process. The resolution also states that the authors have deliberated with University administrators and have gained support from the administration.

Wesley Brewer, Undergraduate Studies Council president, said all undergraduate studies students have to internally transfer at one point, and the process and requirements are different for different colleges.

“You have to figure out what your specific college needs,” Brewer, who co-authored the resolution, said. “If you’re applying for more than one major, then you can find yourself getting lost in all the different requirements.”

Undergraduate studies representative Benjamin Farias said the resolution was fast-tracked to be voted on in SG because the working group on the legislation will begin implementation of the resolution over the summer.

Farias, who co-authored the resolution, said the external transfer process is a lot more streamlined than the internal transfer process, and the goal of the legislation would be to simplify the internal transfer process.

“The legislation poses making the internal transfer process look more like the external transfer process … so that all schools follow one timeline, and students will submit their application and hear back (around the same time),” undeclared freshman Farias said. “We would like to see a more holistic process.”

Student body vice president Winston Hung said he transferred internally, and the resolution will help students be more equipped for the internal transfer process.

“I remember clearly knowing what I wanted to do and how to achieve that, but that idealism is rarely the case, ” Hung, a chemical engineering and finance junior, said. “Purely from a logistical standpoint, this will help streamline efforts to make sure students are informed of their options, especially if academic pursuits are still unclear at the time.”