Tiny Texan Stories: Our thoughts on back to school


Photo Credit: Daisy Kielty | Daily Texan Staff

The Daily Texan Forum is trying something new.

We want to share the personal stories of members from our community to show how unique and diverse our students, faculty and staff are.

Through Tiny Texan Stories, you will get to share your insights, experiences and everything in between.

No matter where you’re from, whether you are an international student or grew up just down the street, we want to give you a space to talk openly about your life. 

When done right, The Daily Texan can be a relatable and informative source for the community. With Tiny Texan Stories, we hope to take that a step further and let the community speak for itself.

In our introduction to Tiny Texan Stories, we are discussing our thoughts on returning to campus this fall. 

Forum editor Maria Sailale addresses what it feels like to be a student with numerous politicized identities returning to campus.

Forum editor Daisy Kielty discusses the emotional effects of a global pandemic on college students.

Plan II junior Safa Michigan questions what we’re supposed to do when our world turns upside down.

We are excited to introduce Tiny Texan Stories, and we hope you like them and relate to them as much as we do.

Submit your Tiny Texan Story to thedailytexanforum@gmail.com or https://forms.gle/4ztRRkiVU9QeyzMC9

As always, if you have any thoughts on this topic or any other, please feel free to reach out to us at thedailytexanforum@gmail.com.