Tiny Texan Stories: We are survivors


Photo Credit: Helen Brown | Daily Texan Staff

Trigger Warning: Sexual Violence, Sexual Assault, Rape

In this week’s forum, we hear stories from survivors of sexual assault, rape and sexual violence on our campus.

University campuses are notorious for sexual violence. Of all undergraduates and graduates nationally, more than one in 10 students experience sexual violence. At the undergraduate level nationally, nearly one in four women and more than one in 20 men experience sexual violence during their college tenure. 

Unfortunately, these stories are rarely told. 

Today, we’d like to share a few of them with you.

We hope that shedding light on this subject will help survivors feel less alone and will encourage people to reach out for help if they’re struggling. The first step is to talk about it, and we hope you will take that step with us today.

We are with you, we believe you and we are working for a campus that is rid of sexual violence.

All stories will be published anonymously to protect the survivors and their stories.

List of Resources: http://bit.ly/resourcesforsurvivors

As always, if you have any thoughts on this topic or any other, please feel free to reach out to us at thedailytexanforum@gmail.com or submit your own story to this form https://forms.gle/BnnkBJGf9xUhnGYg9.

Editor’s note: UT-Austin mandatory reporters do not have to report the stories published here.