Notes from the opponent: TCU


Photo Credit: Amna Ijaz | Daily Texan Staff

The Daily Texan spoke with Colin Post, sports editor of TCU’s student newspaper TCU 360, ahead of Saturday’s game between the Longhorns and the Horned Frogs.

The Daily Texan: TCU just played its first game of the season last week against Iowa State after its season opener against SMU was canceled. Did the team look rusty last week, or was that about the performance you expected?

Colin Post: You had no idea what you were going to see from a team that was heading into Big 12 play without any nonconference games. And so we had to go against an opponent that had the luxury of having that. And then on top of that, our starter, (sophomore quarterback) Max Duggan, had a heart condition that came up in the offseason. It was just a big question of what the team would look like. So I would say it was not a surprise with how they played, especially given the fact that Duggan was just not able to play in the first half of that game, which was a personal decision by him and (head coach Gary) Patterson. He played a heck of a second half, but it just wasn't enough. It was one of those (games) where you know you feel like they could have gotten a win, but it's not an utter shocker to see them come out with the loss in that opener.


DT: Speaking of Duggan, it was uncertain if he would play at all this year after he was diagnosed with a heart condition he’d had since birth, but he returned to practice and played last week. Did anyone expect that type of turnaround from him?

CP: The answer is absolutely not. It was zero to 100 for Max Duggan. His heart condition is fully solved, and that was something he had not dealt with in the past (before) COVID tests brought (it) up, and now he's ready to get back to 100%. But that goes to say, he only had literally a matter of days to get in shape for the game. It was officially made clear that he would play the Monday prior to game day. So obviously, he had been working out throughout that, but just with the offense and getting things going, that was just a real show of grit for Max Duggan. He was very efficient, 16-19, 241 yards and only threw a pick because of a bobble by a receiver. Definitely did not expect that, but it was very encouraging to see the way that he was able to come out and in only a half of football put together a very good game.

DT: What are some of the things Texas can really expose about TCU?

CP: Get to the quarterback because of the lack of game experience from TCU quarterbacks. No matter what quarterback is playing, they only played half of football this year. (Last) Saturday, TCU’s offensive line was simply abysmal. I mean, (six) sacks for Iowa State. There was a fumble that came off a sack that gave Iowa State a score at the end of the first half. And you just see only two returning starters for the offensive line this year for TCU and three (linemen) from last year in the NFL now. One of those returners didn't even win the starting job, so literally four to five new starters (are) on the offensive line at any given time out there. Texas’ defense is big, especially on that front line. If they can get to Duggan, it's going to be a long day for TCU.