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October 4, 2022

Notes from the opponent: Iowa State

Katie Bauer

The Daily Texan spoke with Zane Douglas, sports editor of The Iowa State Daily, ahead of the Texas football team’s game against Iowa State on Friday.

The Daily Texan: For the last few seasons, a popular narrative has been that it's “Iowa State’s year” and that (the team) is the dark horse in the Big 12. And that actually seems to be happening this year. So in your opinion, what's clicking?

Zane Douglas: Really these last couple years … it’s been like, “Are they going to break out this year?” And then they're always kind of around seven, eight wins. And it's like, they don't really break out, but they're a pretty good team. This year … I think what's happening is, one, they have talent … at every position and every position group, … and also, they have (junior quarterback) Brock Purdy. He's had kind of a tough year, but (on Saturday) played really well. And you can kind of see what happens when you combine a good defensive game, a good game from Brock Purdy, and then everything pretty solid done this year. 

DT: Speaking of Purdy, he's been making some NFL buzz even though his numbers aren't what they were in previous seasons. Based on the eye test, what is he doing away from the numbers?

ZD: For Purdy, this entire year has been a little bit of a down year. He was, I wouldn't say one of the best quarterbacks in the FBS last year, but he was definitely a top-20 talent as far as the quarterback goes last season. … But this year, I think what he's doing well right now is he is letting (sophomore running back) Breece Hall kind of be the focal point of the offense a little better.


DT: Iowa State is going to be coming to Austin, where they lost in 2018. How well does this team typically do on the road?

ZD: Well, this season, they have only lost one game on the road. That was to Oklahoma State. They've taken down some pretty big teams on the road in previous years, or at least years with (Matt) Campbell as the head coach. So yeah, I think they're a pretty good road team.

DT: The game on Friday will be pivotal, not just for Iowa State, but also for Texas. Both are vying for a Big 12 Championship appearance. What do you think will be the key for a Cyclone win?

ZD: I think the key is how balanced the offense can play. … I keep saying it, but Breece Hall has been excellent all year. But if you have just Breece Hall doing well, then Texas can sell out for the run a little bit. Brock Purdy might not be able to exploit that. But if he plays like he did (against Kansas State) and you're able to balance the offense a little bit, it's really going to be hard to stop.

DT: Texas likes to keep things interesting. That's what they've been doing all season. They've been in three overtimes. Do you think that Iowa State could hang if it came down to it?

ZD: If you'd asked me a year or two years ago, I would have said, “Maybe not, I think Texas has the upper hand in that area.” But this year, Iowa State’s had some close games. And I think they've played pretty well down the stretch. So I would say there's a pretty good chance that Iowa State can hang with Texas, but Texas definitely has more experience and has been there before, especially this year.

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Notes from the opponent: Iowa State