Students experience disruptions to Wi-Fi during largely online semester

Claire Stevens

Adyson De La Torre, physical culture and sports sophomore, has experienced disruptions to her internet connection several times a week since the winter stor

“Ever since the storm, (even though) it’s over now and things are up and running again, it just has not been the same,” De La Torre said.

Students in West Campus experienced several Wi-Fi outages before and during the winter storm, according to previous reporting by the Texan. But some students say connectivity problems still persist with MyCampusNet and CampusConnect, the companies that run the network. CampusConnect did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Physics and astronomy sophomore John Paul Vu said he has faced unstable internet connection that forced him to go to campus to access Wi-Fi, and when he called CampusConnect customer services, they were unable to help.

“(Every time I call), they give the same answer where they just say, ‘We’re doing our best to get it back up and fix it, so just be patient,’” Vu said. 

De La Torre said the MyCampusNet connection in the Block on Rio has been unstable since the winter storm. 

De La Torre said she lost internet access during an online psychology class, preventing her from completing benchmarks needed for participation credit in the class.

“You’d think (MyCampusNet would) be a little more considerate to students who are still trying to learn and who are paying for it,” De La Torre said.

Josh Meaders, an international relations and global studies and Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies sophomore, said his connection has been slower since the winter storm, and he has to connect to his phone’s hotspot when the internet connection is disrupted. Meaders said he did not have connection problems in the fall semester.

“At some point, it was just kind of frustrating to have online classes and not be able to connect to the internet,” Meaders said.

Public health sophomore Jyotsnaa Krishi Pradeep said she has experienced problems with MyCampusNet while connecting to Canvas and Zoom. 

“Everything’s online, so if you can’t get online, you can’t get anything done, and then you’re behind,” Pradeep said.