Summer jobs around or near UT-Austin campus

Grace Robertson

With spring classes ending on Friday, summer is rapidly approaching — a time of sunscreen, air conditioning and, for many students, an opportunity to earn money before the next school year. 

It can sometimes feel overwhelming to start job searching, especially right around finals season. The Daily Texan has compiled a list of three places near campus hiring for the summer, so half of the work is already done. 



UTalk, UT’s alumni call center, is accepting applications for summer positions. The job entails calling alumni and parents to fundraise for UT. Philosophy and government senior Steele Musgrove is a supervisor at UTalk. He said he enjoys the job’s social environment despite it being completely remote due to COVID-19. 

“(The employees) are still texting each other, which is plenty fun,” Musgrove said. “If you need a job, it’s pretty chill, and we’ll help you.”

He said after talking with thousands of people over the span of four years, he’s learned how diverse and widespread UT’s alumni network is. 

“I’m able to get some sort of connection with alumni or parents,” Musgrove said. “It’s an exercise you have to get used to after a while.” 

Musgrove said training lasts three days, which includes guidance on how to call, practice calling alumni and UT policies concerning calling. The starting salary is $10.23 per hour, and employees are required to work a minimum of 11 hours per week, Musgrove said. 

Apply here:


Dolce Neve Gelato

Dolce Neve, a family-owned, local Italian gelato and coffee shop, is accepting applications for baristas. Employees scoop gelato, make espresso drinks and connect with customers. The shop is located off of 1st Street and is less than 30 minutes away from campus by bus.  

Accounting junior Jiovana Arzate has worked at the shop for two years. 

“The type of environment there is more like a family than it is a boss over workers,” Arzate said. “The owners are flexible with scheduling you … and are willing to help out.” 

Arzate said the base salary is $7.50 per hour, but baristas can count on tips to average out the pay to around $12 per hour. Applicants aren’t required to have experience in the service industry, Arzate said. 

“The only thing (the owners are) looking for is … (the ability) to talk to customers,” Arzate said. “They just want to see that willing attitude.” 

Arzate said students interested can apply by sending a resume to [email protected]



Cava is a Mediterranean-style casual dining restaurant on Guadalupe Street. Applications are always open, and applicants can expect to hear back within a week, said Elyzia Mustafa, a psychology and international relations junior. Mustafa works as a team member, which involves assembling salads, wraps and bowls, cleaning, and opening and closing the store. 

“I like my coworkers,” Mustafa said. “There are a lot of students who work there, so that’s really nice.” 

Mustafa currently works around two five to eight hour shifts per week but said hours are flexible and managers are willing to adjust work times if needed. Team members are paid $13 per hour, and employees undergo a paid two-week training period before they start working.

Generally, the busiest times of the year for Cava are during the school year, so Mustafa predicts that the restaurant will be slower after students go home for the summer holidays. 

“I like my managers a lot,” Mustafa said. “I like getting free food … (overall) it’s pretty casual.” 

Apply here for the Cava on the Drag:—texas/apply/1022983