Associate photo editor finally rips hair out over unclaimed photo assignments in last days

Kirsten Hahn

Well, this will officially be the first and last time I write an article for the Texan! I have to say, I think my photos are usually better than my words, so this will be interesting.

I applied to the Texan my sophomore year because I had just gotten out of a photojournalism class and thought it was interesting. I came to UT to be a cinematographer, and in the process discovered that I hated video but loved photography.

Half of my time at the Texan was spent online during the pandemic, but I still cherish my first year in the basement. Eddie, my first photo editor and the person responsible for hiring me, was such a great mentor when I joined the photo department. He is still such a huge inspiration to me and I love seeing his work to this day.

I also met Jack and Jamie my first semester at the Texan. Jack and I actually took tryout photos together, which was the first time we met, and I decided we had to be friends. The three of us went to our first Texan party together, which is where we found out Jamie is a big Pitbull fan (MR. WORLDWIIIIIIIIDE). You two have meant a lot to me and always made me feel welcome at the Texan. I am so glad to call y’all my friends.

I also want to thank Presley, our fall 2020 photo editor, for giving me my first senior photographer title. You made me feel very special, and our vibes were always on the same level. Another shout out to my mentee and now senior photographer, Connor, because he was always a real one. Excited to see your photos in a nature magazine one day, kid.

Also, a huge hug and kiss to all of my friends who helped me during my college photography journey. Whether you were a model, holding a light or helping in any way, y’all were always there.

If I didn’t mention you by name and you see this, I still love you! There is a reason I am not a writer!

If you don’t work at the Texan, I encourage you to apply. I learned so much about photos and made such great memories and friends along the way.

I’m sad to see the Texan go, but excited to graduate and never have to write an essay again. I am pumped to work on more personal photo projects and document my 4,000 mile bike trip over the summer with Texas 4000 for Cancer. Catch me on Instagram @mossface21 for some sick photos, as always.

That’s a wrap, ladies and gentlemen!