Design editor creates her last timeline with the Texan

Christina Peebles

I had a thing for timelines this semester, so let’s do this in chronological order.

Fall 2019
I was really tempted to skip my Daily Texan design tryout. When I was told to apply, I was a transfer student in my first semester at UT and everything seemed terrifying.

Cringe warning, but I first have to thank my boyfriend and biggest supporter, Zach. He pretty much bonked me on the top of my head (like the Doge meme) and told me not to limit myself. My tryout was scheduled for a ridiculous time like 9 p.m., and I wouldn’t have gone or gotten accepted if it wasn’t for his encouragement.

I have fond memories of my time in the basement during my first semester. (Unfortunately, the pandemic caused those to be pretty much my only memories of it.) Christiana, you set a strong foundation for my time at the Texan and your work inspired a lot of my own goals as design editor. Nila, I couldn’t be more thankful for the late nights you pushed me to try something new with my page designs. Without your encouragement, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to apply and become a senior designer.

Spring and Summer 2020
Speaking of senior designer, I definitely learned a lesson in trying not to stress out too much while missing deadlines. Sierra, thank you for being so willing to help me out and learn the ropes through the nights that were like a dumpster fire for me. Spring print production was unfortunately cut short due to the pandemic, but design was definitely one of the few stable parts of my life during the summer.

Fall 2020
I still don’t know much about football, honestly. But, I’m so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to lead the design of Double Coverage. Shout out to Brittany, Jason and the rest of the team for bearing with my headline shenanigans while y’all thought of puns for the cover.

Spring 2021
Aaaaah, what a way to end my time at the Texan. I never expected to become a design editor, but I am so happy and fortunate that I got to fill this position for a semester. Trinady, thank you for making me feel included from day one. I loved working with you, including all of your random phone calls about a new thing you wanted design involved with. The March 12 paper was a blessing and a curse, but I loved it.
Areeba, you have been an incredible D&I director and part-time designer. You didn’t have to be up until 5 a.m. with Trinady and I while we finished the March 12 paper, but you joined Trinady and I’s insanity nonetheless and last-minute helped with our timeline shenanigans.

Megan, thank you for everything. From replying to my late-night, smooth-brain messages where I second guessed a font choice for the 10th time to bearing with me when I brought you along for my D3.js wild ride, you’ve been so helpful.

Lastly, thank you to all of my designers for not quitting on me when I awkwardly ended our first design meeting with the crab rave song. (I definitely lost some cool points.) The design department has been a safe space for me to learn and grow since I started, and I hope I was able to create the same space for all of you. <3