Suspect identified Monday arrested in connection to mass shooting in downtown Austin

CW: Discussions of gun violence, death.

The suspect identified and charged on Tuesday morning for shooting and killing Douglas John Kantor in the mass shooting on Sixth Street was arrested Thursday afternoon. The suspect is charged with murder, a first degree felony, and the bond is set at $1 million, according to an Austin Police Department news release.

On Tuesday, the Travis County District Attorney’s office dropped the charges against the two previous 15 and 17-year-old suspects, which included aggravated assault and serious bodily injury, a second degree felony.

In a media briefing Tuesday, interim APD chief Joseph Chacon said the suspect identified and charged on Tuesday, and arrested today, is the main suspect. Chacon believes they are responsible for some, if not all, of the shooting.

15 victims were injured as a result of the shooting, according to a June 17 news release from APD. One victim still remains in critical condition and one victim, Douglas John Kantor, was pronounced deceased on June 13 at 12:01 p.m., according to previous reporting with The Daily Texan.

APD said the suspect was taken into custody in the Killeen area. In a media briefing Tuesday, Chacon said the mass shooting was the result of a disagreement between two groups in the Killeen area. The groups then met on Sixth Street the morning of June 12, when the shooting occurred.