Summer isn’t over yet! Here is your playlist to listen to for the rest of summer

Sheryl Lawrence, Life and Arts Reporter

“UT-Austin canceling classes, closing operations March 13” is the headline that kept summer 2020 from being a hot girl summer.

Summer 2021, however, has been an attempt to revive hot girl summer! The vaccine is becoming more readily available and large gatherings like concerts and music festivals are safer for vaccinated individuals. The Daily Texan has compiled a playlist to get you hyped up for the rest of your hot girl summer.

Producing banger after banger, Doja Cat is the star of the show. At the end of June, she released “Planet Her,” which reached No.1 on the Billboard R&B Albums Chart. Whether scrolling through TikTok or listening to the radio, you will definitely hear a Doja Cat song, whether it be “Kiss Me More” or “You Right.”

Lil Nas X doesn’t care what you think as long as it’s about him! He made headlines in March with his “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” music video, and then again this summer with “Industry Baby” featuring Jack Harlow. While this song is fun to dance to, it also made a statement about how the music industry treats him.

Britney Spears returned to headlines across the globe after the release of her documentary attempting to regain control of her life. Her song “Gimme More” has resurfaced at number 1 of the top hits this summer because of a TikTok trend alongside “Bills Bills Bills” by Destiny’s Child. 

The top hits on Spotify has made 2021 a sad girl summer with songs like “everything sucks” by vaultboy and “Reckless” by Madison Beer — what’s that about? Therefore, the playlist wouldn’t be complete without some classics from 2019 like “My Type” by Saweetie and “7 rings” by Ariana Grande. 

Don’t worry! The record-breaking artist of the year is included. While Olivia Rodrigo’s music is perfect for screaming in the car to mend a broken heart, she still has a few hype songs like “good 4 u” and “brutal.” These songs still fit under her usual category, but they are great to listen to when you want to feel understood.

Last but certainly not least, the woman who invented the “hot girl summer” — Megan Thee Stallion. Her album “Good News” helped 2020 in the record books. Her single from 2021, “Thot Shit,” of course made the playlist, as well as the classics that put her on the charts. 

Whether you are driving in the car to the grocery store or getting ready to go out with the girls, this playlist is guaranteed to get you hyped up! It’s a hot girl summer, so hop on the computer and go get lit!