What’s ‘Wampus?’ A guide to commonly used terms around campus, Austin

Carolyn Parmer , Life and Arts General Reporter

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared as part of the August 25 flipbook.

To catch students up on UT lingo, The Daily Texan compiled a list of nine commonly used nicknames for places and fun sightings around campus.

The Albino Squirrel 

Rumor has it that students who spot a white squirrel on their way to take a test will get an A. The squirrels aren’t actually albino, but rather white fox squirrels. This tradition comes in handy for students who need an extra confidence boost, but we still recommend studying.


Students refer to UT’s main football stadium as “DKR.” DKR stands for Darrell K. Royal, who coached the UT football team to success in his two-decade career, winning 167 games overall. In 1996, UT honored him by renaming the football stadium the Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. 

Domino the Cat 

Known as an unofficial mascot, this black and white cat occasionally makes an appearance on campus. Head to the Flawn Academic Center to see this furry celebrity, whom volunteer groups like Cats of West Campus and Animal Make Safe regularly feed.

The Drag

This section of Guadalupe Street runs through West Campus and houses clothing boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants. You won’t go hungry here, as you can snack on lo mein, fried chicken, Chipotle and everything in between. 

Forty Acres 

Originally, the UT campus only took up 40 acres: the area enclosed by 21st Street, 24th Street, Guadalupe Street and Speedway. Now, UT sprawls over 437 acres, but students and alumni still call UT “the Forty Acres.”


For a filling snack that won’t break the bank, grab a 4 for $4 from Jendy’s, the Wendy’s located in Jester Residence Hall. Other colleges may have a Wendy’s on campus, but the unofficial name of this Wendy’s — Jendy’s — makes this one unique to UT.

Six Pack

This isn’t something to pack in a beach cooler. Instead, this term refers to a group of six buildings — Batts Hall, Benedict Hall, Calhoun Hall, Mezes Hall, Parlin Hall and Homer Rainey Hall — that border the lawn by the Tower.


Frequented by Austinites as well as students, East 6th Street boasts a colorful nightlife scene with its various bars and clubs. Great for a night out with friends, but not exactly a place to take your parents when they visit. 


Short for South Congress, SoCo refers to both a street and neighborhood in South Austin with a wide variety of hotels, bars and restaurants. It even hosts tourist destinations such as the iconic “I love you so much” mural.


This street runs through campus, and students use it as a shortcut to science, math and engineering classes. Take note of the name — you’re expected to live up to its speedy expectations. 


From cheap desserts to brand new apartments, Wampus, short for West Campus, offers something for everyone! This area is home to food trucks fit for any appetite, as well as sorority and fraternity houses and student apartments.