“American Horror Story” star Ryan Kiera Armstrong talks eating baby feet, working with Finn Wittrock, mastering the violin


Courtesy of FX

Ryan Kiera Armstrong as Alma Gardner in “American Horror Story: Double Feature”

Noah Levine, Life and Arts Film Columnist

*This Article Contains Spoilers for “American Horror Story: Double Feature”*

American Horror Story: Double Feature washes up new episodes each week with its red tide. The new season follows Harry Gardner (Finn Wittrock), a desperate Hollywood writer, as he moves with his wife Doris (Lily Rabe) and daughter Alma to the seaside town of Provincetown, Massachusetts, to work on his newest screenplay. The Daily Texan spoke with Double Feature’s Ryan Kiera Armstrong about her experience working on the blood-soaked series.

The Daily Texan: Are you a fan of the show or are you too young to watch it?

Ryan Kiera Armstrong: I’ve never actually watched a full season before. I get really scared easily. If there’s a creak in the house or anything, I get super duper scared, so I don’t think “American Horror Story” is for me. I feel like now I’m definitely going to see some more clips of “American Horror Story,” and I say clips because I’m definitely not watching the whole thing.

DT: What does the fake blood taste like?

RKA: The blood is super duper sweet. It’s like they threw a bunch of candies together, melted it, dyed it, and that’s what I’m supposed to have in my mouth the whole time. I really don’t like sugar and sweet things. For example, the rabbit scene where I’m eating that rabbit early on, after each take they would have to refill the blood in my mouth, and I was like “I don’t want anymore blood.”

DT: What was it like eating the baby foot?

RKA: It was kind of weird at the same time because this whole scene I have a piece of silicone in my mouth. It was kind of gross because this foot looks so real that it was kind of gross to be chewing on it because it almost felt like I was chewing on a real baby’s foot.

DT: What was it like working with Finn Wittrock and Lily Rabe?

RKA: Those are very inspiring actors. There’s so many people in the show that are legendary. I’m so grateful to work with all of these people. Finn was super duper sweet. All of the people were super duper sweet. There was not one person who wasn’t as amazing as the other … Lily is so so inspiring to work with as well as Finn. I learned so much on that show, and I’m so honored to be a part of it.

DT: What were your inspirations and influences for playing the character of Alma?

RKA: I actually had to learn the violin almost like a year in advance because the shooting schedule got pushed so much, so I had so many extra lessons … Some of the pieces I had to be playing were Paganini and Chaconne, and those are like some of the hardest pieces in the world even for the best to play … I could kind of see her desire and why she wanted to be the best.

DT: Do you still play even after filming?

RKA: Learning these pieces was very stressful, so I am not going to continue … I’ll stick to the piano.

DT: Now you’re officially part of it! People love your performance, they think you are one of the coolest villains the show has had in awhile. 

RKA: They almost kind of hate me a little bit … but y’know I did my job. Everyone doesn’t like me but loves to hate me … it’s kind of funny.

DT: What was your favorite scene to shoot?

RKA: I can’t mention anything about the future, but there’s definitely a lot of scenes that were so much fun to shoot. Especially the scene where Chief Burleson comes into the house. There’s some times where I cannot hold the fake knife right, and it was fun to experience doing that. That scene was super duper fun, and Adina (Porter) was very inspiring. And then there’s also that scene with my mother in the most recent episode, where I’m making her take the pill and convincing her that she’s gonna be great even though I know she’s not gonna be great, and I know she’s gonna almost die in a way. I think those are my two favorites.