Recapping Texas Football: Breaking down 5 plays from Texas vs. Rice

Toby Ughanze, Sports Reporter

Texas football’s blowout victory over Rice last Saturday boasted several standout plays to look back on.

Here are five of the best ones from the Longhorns’ 58-0 win:

Roschon Johnson to the house

In the first quarter, with Texas holding a 7-0 lead, quarterback Casey Thompson actually lined up at the top of the screen. It’s the first play in which Texas has utilized Wildcat formation all season, with three tight ends lined up as well to complete the offspeed look.

In the eventual touchdown run, tight end Cade Brewer motioned over as the ball was snapped. He got the crucial first block, picking up the blitzing corner from the edge to ensure an open hole.

The rest of the offensive line filled in, taking their blocking assignments on and creating a hole on the right side of the field. Tight ends Gunnar Helm and Jared Wiley combined to move a defender several yards downfield to make that gap even wider.

Running back Roschon Johnson, who took the direct snap, found himself with a wide open field in front of him.

He then shook off two defenders and once he saw daylight, Johnson could not be caught by anyone on the Rice defense, running free for one of the many Longhorn touchdowns of the night.

Courtesy of Longhorn Network

Special teams gets on the board

With eight seconds left in the first quarter, it was fourth-and-seven and Rice was about to punt the ball. Another score from the Longhorns would make the lead insurmountable.

Rice ran the max protection formation for this punt attempt. The Longhorns brought eight defenders to try and block the punt. On the left side of the field, Keilan Robinson and Ray Thornton ran free off the edge.

Thornton got picked up by a blocker, but Robinson used his elite speed and an impressively timed dive to block the punt.

Since Texas  blocked the ball into the back of the end zone, the play resulted in a safety, giving the Longhorns an extra two points heading into the second quarter and their first special teams points of the season.

Courtesy of Longhorn Network

Bijan eats again

Running back Bijan Robinson’s night was almost over at this point in the game, with Texas threatening to pull away up 23-0 late in the second quarter.

It was second-and-one with Texas on its own 38 yard line. Cade Brewer was positioned off the line on this play.

Instead of motioning over to pick up a block like he did on the previous touchdown play, he had to wrap around the line and pick up the edge rusher after the snap, an incredibly difficult assignment to do because the blocker cannot see the defensive end until he is in front of him.

But Brewer, who had his best blocking game of the season Saturday, got the job done anyway, solidifying the hole by making the difficult block and allowing Robinson to break free for a 62-yard run.

Robinson made a back-cut in open space to lose his man, then strolled into the endzone for a backbreaking 30-0 lead. It was the star running back’s third touchdown of the night — and his longest — but the blocking from Brewer and the entire offense, including the wide receivers, made this play one of his easiest scores of the season.


Courtesy of Longhorn Network

Trips for a touchdown

Just a few minutes later, winding down into halftime, Texas was on the move again.

On this play, the Longhorns were in trips formation with an empty backfield. Bijan Robinson was lined up out wide with two tight ends and ran a short screen route. Robinson had already torched the defense with three touchdowns, so he drew the attention of more than one defender. Cade Brewer then ran a post route to get the attention of the safety and defensive back.

Jared Wiley was the big beneficiary of all the averted attention. Running a fade route, he found himself wide open. Thompson threw a perfect spiral into the open window, one of his best throws of the night. Wiley did the rest, waltzing into the end zone for an easy touchdown,his first of the season.


Courtesy of Longhorn Network

Nail in the coffin

On the very next series, Rice desperately tried to get some points on the board before halftime.

With less than two minutes left in the second quarter, Texas played a very conservative defense, and Rice’s running back was able to get 10 yards on the play due to a light box.

But when linebacker DeMarvion Overshown tackled the running back, safety Jerrin Thompson came in from behind and used a well-timed hit to lodge the ball loose.

Cornerback Josh Thompson fell on the ball and recovered it for the Longhorns while surrounded by a trio of Rice players. This forced turnover put the final nail in the coffin of the Rice team that was severely overmatched, fully ensuring a Longhorn win.


Courtesy of Longhorn Network