UT-Austin ranked among top ten best public universities in nation

Itza Martinez, News Reporter

UT tied for tenth best public national university and was ranked 38 among all national  universities by the 2022 U.S. News & World Report college rankings

The University was ranked on several different factors including graduation and retention rates, academic reputation and student selectivity, according to the report. The award is a reflection of the various talents and efforts of the professors, faculty and students, said Natalie Czimskey, a speech, language and hearing sciences lecturer. 

Czimskey said the ranking did not surprise her because of the work faculty, staff and administration did to adjust during the pandemic. 

“And then the students followed suit and were able to continue meeting for organizations and working to better the University and working to better themselves,” Czimskey said. “​​It was just really incredible to see all of that continue to evolve and keep working during the pandemic.”

Advertising freshman Kennedy Heath said the ranking is a huge accomplishment for the University, but UT’s work is far from over. 

“UT can continue to grow our diversity and inclusivity on campus,” Heath said. “I think if we just keep it up, we will be holding up alright.”

UT spokesperson J.B. Bird said the campus community should not look too much into the rankings. 

“I think with the vision that President Hartzell is bringing to take the University to even greater heights bodes well for the future of ongoing excellence and further upward trajectory in the years to come,” Bird said. 

This ranking could increase the University’s outreach to potential students, said Nanshu Lu, an associate professor of aerospace and mechanics engineering. Lu said the ranking can help the University recruit the best students in the nation. 

“We already have extremely strong undergraduate and graduate applicants, but we now are ready to better compete with the other top universities in both undergrad and grad enrollment,” Lu said.

The title also acts as a confirmation to all of the professors for their hard work, senior business lecturer Patrick Badolato said. 

“I think one of our goals as a top tier research and teaching institution is to do the best with each day to day thing with our students,” Badolato said. “Are rankings everything? No, but they certainly help with external validity of what all of us here … have been working on and pushing for the last many years.”