‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ fuses iconic slasher madness with coming-of-age vulnerability


Photo courtesy of Netflix

Katie (Sarah Dugdale) in “There’s Someone Inside Your House”

Noah Levine, Life and Arts Film Columnist

Five words no one wants to hear.

“There’s Someone Inside Your House,” brings an exciting dose of modern horror slasher fun and starts streaming on Netflix Oct. 6. Directed by Patrick Brice (“Creep”) and written by UT alumnus Henry Gayden (“Shazam!”), the film follows a small town plagued by a series of killings targeting high school seniors with dark secrets.

As the kill count rises, a group of tight-knit friends band together to find out who’s behind the killings, ideally before they become victims themselves. Infusing elements of John Hughes’ classic coming-of-age tales and the very best of early 2000s “Scream”-style horror, “There’s Someone Inside Your House” is a bloody good time.

Bryce described it best at the post-Fantastic Fest screening Q&A when he said, “If no murders occur, you should still want to hang out with these kids” when describing their approach to making a slasher movie where you actually care about the characters. Layered and complex teenage characters on the cusp of their high school graduation replace the typical depitction of one dimensional sex-crazed adolescents.

As their youth begins to slip through their fingertips, the members of the leading ensemble must find strength within friendship bonds in the face of a life-threatening adversary. Sydney Park anchors the ensemble with her performance as Makani Young — equal parts vulnerable as she is strong-willed.

While still focusing an ample amount of time on character exploration and development, “There’s Someone Inside Your House” never forgets it’s a slasher movie. Whereas many modern slashers fail to reach the thrill of their opening kill, this slasher flick continues to dish out creative horror sequence after sequence.

Brice’s direction, combined with stunning cinematography, elevates the slasher chases into their own unique horror experiences as each victims’ dark secrets intertwine in the build-up to their demise. The stakes continue to elevate until the film’s fiery finale, reaching peak slasher chaos and a ghoulish amount of villainy. If that’s not enough to sell the most die-hard horror fans, it’s important to note the film doesn’t shy away from extreme gore either.

Knit together with its heartfelt screenplay, razor-sharp slasher kills and unique cast of characters, “There’s Someone Inside Your House” is a near-perfect horror experience.

4.5 tasers out of 5