A guide to best breakfast tacos in West Campus

Chandler Rowley

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared as part of the October 1 flipbook.

Very few food items can capture the essence of Austin, but breakfast tacos come incredibly close. The Daily Texan reviewed three West Campus morning grub staples to provide students with the information necessary to satisfy their taco cravings. 

To create a baseline for this review, the Texan chose to review the bacon, egg and cheese taco from each establishment.

Torchy’s Tacos 

Whether walking, driving or riding a bike down Guadalupe Street, one can’t help but notice Torchy’s Tacos. Situated about a block north of campus, Torchy’s serves as a go-to for students looking for delicious food with a decidedly Austin atmosphere. 

Their breakfast menu, while small, packs a punch full of simplicity and 24-hour availability. Composed of an omelette-like mass of egg and bacon, the taco juxtaposes fluffy and crunchy textures. Whether complemented by a flour or corn tortilla, this taco’s flavors work together beautifully. Topped with a healthy portion of cheese, any taco-lover would be satisfied with this classic.

4.5 tacos out of 5

Kerbey Lane 

Looking for a locally owned restaurant with a homestyle atmosphere? Kerbey Lane might be the place! Located across Guadalupe Street from Duren Hall, Kerbey-goers can count on this cafe being packed at all times of the day. With eight locations in and around the Austin area, Kerbey makes finding breakfast goodness, regardless of location, easy.

The taco, a medley of almost equal parts bacon and egg, offers just enough of each so that neither ingredient dominates. While their tortilla doesn’t reinvent the wheel, the plainness compliments the taco and allows for the filling to take center stage. The side of salsa offers a zesty yet subdued flavor to an already delicious meal.

4 tacos out of 5

Kesos Tacos 

Tucked away in West Campus just off MLK Boulevard, Kesos Tacos seems to be a well kept secret in the world of Austin breakfast tacos. Though the restaurant seems small and unassuming, these tasty tacos come with a unique topping: queso. 

While the addition of queso to the beloved any-time-of-the-day-snack may seem like overkill, it’s not. The city of Austin and UT serve as bastions of innovation. Naturally, the local tacos should progress as well. The tasteful addition of queso unites the distinct flavors of egg and bacon, while adding a unique twist on the element of cheese. This taco challenges the status quo just as UT students strive to do on the Forty Acres.

4.5 tacos out of 5