ACL Live Shot: Remi Wolf

Morgan-Taylor Thomas, Life & Arts General Reporter

“Do we have any Liz’s in the crowd,” asks Remi Wolf as she bounces around the stage, foreshadowing the next track that will blare from the T-Mobile Stage speakers during her Saturday ACL set.

Dressed in a cropped green and purple striped button-down with orange lining, a flowy green tied-up skirt, a cow print cowboy hat and pink Uggs, the 25-year-old popstar showed off her powerful catalog as an up-and-coming singer. Although a chaotic appearance, the artist presents a cohesive performance full of strong flow and intense vibrato.

With a large crowd at the barricade and an even larger crew hanging back in the shadows trying to avoid the 93 degree heat, Wolf captivates each person as if she’s having a one-on-one conversation with them, precisely portraying her casual aura and feel-good energy.

Fan favorites such as “Montecarlo” had every spectator jumping up and down in unison with the lyrical genius, not missing a beat or word. “Liz” had all like-named people blowing a gasket loaded with excitement, while “Sauce” forced crowd participation during dance breaks. 

Rigid and inviting, Wolf’s island-esque thematics combined with her R&B influences not only makes the Earth quake but also provides a party atmosphere complete with entertaining emotional pullers and head-bobbing downbeats, conclusively making her a force to be reckoned with