Revisiting Texas Football: Breaking down five plays from Texas vs OU

Toby Ughanze , Sports Reporter

Despite great performances from quarterback Casey Thompson and wide receiver Xavier Worthy, Texas lost a heartbreaker to Oklahoma 55-48 at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

Here are the top five plays from Saturday’s game.

Texas wastes no time

On the first play of the game, the Longhorns  got off to a quick start. Wide receivers Marcus Washington and Xavier Worthy were stacked on the hashes. After taking the snap, Thompson quickly threw a screen pass to Worthy, who would run behind a blocking Washington in front of him.

Washington gave an admirable effort on his block on the pressing Oklahoma cornerback, allowing Worthy to go one-on-one with a defensive back. He sped towards the defender and delivered a swift stiff arm to lay him to the ground. With his electrifying speed, he easily sprinted past the next player who attempted to tackle him.

None of the defenders came close to Worthy’s vicinity as he galloped into the endzone untouched. Texas had roared out of the gate, taking an extremely quick 7-0 lead.


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Thompson airs it out

Texas had given Oklahoma the work the entire first quarter, making it hard for the Sooners on both offense and defense. With the first quarter winding down, the Longhorns looked to extend their lead.

Thompson motioned Worthy behind him, commanding the attention of the entire defense. Since Worthy torched Oklahoma on the first play, the defense didn’t want a repeat of the same scenario.

Dropping back in a clean pocket, Thompson quickly surveyed the field for a big play. He found what he liked and launched the ball to a wide-open Joshua Moore. Since the whole defense focused on Worthy, that allowed Moore to run free on a streak route. The junior wide receiver had been quiet on the year before Saturday’s game, but finally broke out with two touchdowns on Saturday.


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Texas defense breaks down

At the start of the second quarter, Oklahoma wanted to gather any momentum it could to stop the Texas onslaught, so head coach Lincoln Riley inserted freshman backup quarterback Caleb Williams, replacing a struggling Spencer Rattler.

Oklahoma went for it on a bold fourth and one call in Texas territory. Williams took the snap on the quarterback draw. The Texas defense then realized that Williams intended to run the ball, so the Longhorns collapsed on the left side to completely block his path. The defense didn’t block the other side well enough though, so only one Texas defensive back was left to fill the gigantic hole.

The Texas safety was unable to make the play on his own, allowing Williams to run loose. Since most of the Longhorns defenders were around the line of scrimmage when Williams broke the tackle, he had an open lane straight toward the end zone. The score was an ominous precursor to the shift in momentum that would occur later in the game.


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Bijan bullies Oklahoma’s defense

Up to this point, Bijan Robinson had not received the carries that he had gotten during the TCU game, but he capitalized on the ones he did get. On this play, Texas gave the rock to its star running back. Robinson bounced to the outside and a hole opened up for him to run through. A defender dove at his feet with the intention to tackle him, but Robinson’s elusive jumpcut easily avoided it.

Two defenders tried to cut off his path towards the end zone, but he saw the middle of the field was wide open. He then made an aggressive cut down toward the other sideline. The closer he was to the end zone, the more defenders there were that tried to bring him down. Robinson easily stiff-armed the next defender that wanted to take him down as he kept moving, closing in on the endzone.

Barreling towards the goal line, tight end Jared Wiley threw a timely block, giving Robinson a couple more yards toward the end zone. However, Robinson ran into Wiley, stopping his momentum for a brief moment and allowing a defender to tackle him out of bounds at the 1-yard line.

Robinson broke a stellar eight tackles during the whole sequence. His extraordinary run set up a Texas touchdown a minute later which put the Longhorns up by two scores.


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Thompson throws dimes and Worthy cashes in

Oklahoma had come back from being down 21 points and held the lead over Texas with time winding down on the clock. Even though Texas trailed, the Longhorns still fought to win the game. Thompson and Worthy had monster performances up to this point, so head coach Steve Sarkisian drew up a play for his two best performers to connect to tie up the game.

Thompson saw his best receiver in a favorable one-on-one matchup with a defensive back.

The quarterback looked off both underneath routes with his eyes focused downfield. He wanted to convert with his receiver who had made big plays the entire day. Thompson placed the ball in the perfect position where only Worthy could’ve snagged it. The receiver made another impressive catch to tie the game up with just over a minute left to play.

That touchdown gave Worthy his second of the game, capping off his dazzling night with nine catches for 261 yards.


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