Revisiting Texas Football: Breaking down 5 plays from Texas vs. OSU

Toby Ughanze, Sports Reporter

Images courtesy of Fox.

Texas had another second-half collapse, which sealed its fate in a 32-24 loss to Oklahoma State.

Here are the top five plays from Saturday’s game.

1.Texas goes up big

Texas’ defense suffocated the OSU offense early on, allowing the Longhorns’ offense to capitalize. This play added a little extra fuel to the onslaught Texas delivered to the Cowboys at the time.

The Longhorns marched down the field for the third time, looking to score again to expand the lead. The Cowboys’ defense came with a pressure Texas wasn’t ready for. One OSU defender rushed through an open gap that wasn’t filled by a blocker, quickly coming into the radius of a defenseless Casey Thompson.

Thompson felt the pressure as the defender headed toward him, so he darted a timely pass to running back Bijan Robinson before he was laid out. Robinson ran past an OSU defender, who had no chance to close the distance, striding into the endzone to give the Longhorns an authoritative 17-3 lead.

2.Jamison comes down with it

Up to this point, the Texas defense had silenced OSU’s offense to a measly three points. The Cowboys tried different plays and schemes to shift the momentum to their side. Head coach Mike Gundy drew up a simple play action pass scheme to move the chains.

After the play fake, quarterback Spencer Sanders noticed an OSU receiver wide open on a comeback route. He threw the ball behind his intended receiver and it became a 50-50 ball that the OSU receiver didn’t win. Defensive back D’Shawn Jamison came away with the ball, snagging it from the receiver.

Earlier in the game, Jamison dropped an interception. He didn’t allow this opportunity to slip through his fingers.

3.Thompson throws bad interception

Texas commanded the lead on the next offensive series. Then, the defense performed its job exceptionally and gave the ball back to the offense with an interception. Through a series of effective runs and passes, the Longhorns treaded down to the Cowboys’ 22-yard line looking to score again. If Texas converted a field goal on this play, the game would’ve been further out of reach.

Thompson dropped back with no pressure, and he tried to immediately throw it to wide receiver Joshua Moore. As the play progressed, his eyes were set solely on Moore. OSU safety Jason Taylor II easily sniffed out the pass and intercepted it, taking it to the house for a pick-six that shortened the lead. The atmosphere at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium became eerily similar to last week’s collapse against Oklahoma.

4.Robinson breaks through

OSU’s defense had prevented Texas’ rushing game from gaining the chunk runs that it has thrived on this season throughout the game. The Longhorns were in scoring distance with a chance to give themselves a cushion from the Cowboys’ surge at the end of the first half.

Thompson motioned Moore behind him to move his defender out of the play. When the corner dropped back, Texas snapped the ball. Robinson was handed the ball and immediately accelerated to the outside. Tight end Cade Brewer threw a crucial block on the safety which gave Robinson a gigantic hole to attack.

In the open field, the defender attempted a lackluster ankle tackle to bring Robinson down, but the sophomore made a sharp cut and effortlessly brushed off the attempt. He walked free to the end zone for his second touchdown of the day. 

5.Thompson seals Texas’ fate

The Cowboys had just stormed back and taken the lead on the previous drive. Down by eight points, Texas needed to score to take the game to overtime. With just over two minutes left in the game, the Longhorns were forced to abandon the run to not waste their remaining two timeouts.

Thompson hadn’t had the best day, but he could’ve flipped the scrapped with a game-tying drive here. The junior had a clean pocket, and he attempted to throw the ball to his most productive wide receiver, freshman Xavier Worthy, only the ball was well short. Worthy didn’t react to the pass.

The OSU safety easily snagged the pass, ending Texas’ hopes of a late comeback.