Ultimate Drag pizza review

Zoe Tzanis, Life & Arts Desk Editor

Hear that? While growls emanate from the baron bellies of hungry longhorns, The Daily Texan wishes to remind the masses: No one should deny themselves the most potent antidote, pizza. 

Only steps off campus, The Drag offers a variety of options for pizza-lovers, including the all-new Dollar Slice Club, the age-old Austin favorite, Roppolo’s, and the clean, collegiate Pizza Press. But, which serves the most delicious, delectable and mouth watering pies? 

The Texan embarked on a pizza tour, putting each establishment’s overall pizza quality — the ooey-gooey cheesiness, tangy sauciness and subtle doughiness — to the test.

  • Dollar Slice Club

The parlor’s flashy exterior and (possibly) cost-effective price gimmicks do not remedy its greatest flaw, lackluster pizza. 

Grease drips from each slice like sweat from a lost longhorn trying to find his first class in Austin’s August heat. Seeded in every crack and crevice, slices require ample paper towel and or napkin dabbing for any attempt at enjoyment. A thick, almost gummy layer of cheese masks this pizza’s mild marinara. Viscous and sticky, it adheres to the already liquidy pie like Elmer’s glue.

Not completely irredeemable, the crust, seemingly both soft and crisp, satisfies the needs of bread lovers everywhere. But, let’s be real. No sensible customer would waste a dollar on a slice only to enjoy its edges. In short, these slices don’t live up to their dollar hype. 

2 bottles of Elmer’s glue out of 5 

  • Pizza Press

While Pizza Press doesn’t serve Austin’s most gourmet or flashy pies, it doesn’t pretend to either. Instead, Pizza Press pushes what it can, its selection. The vast topping variety, from traditional garnishes to cured meats and fresh veggies, allows customers the opportunity to mix and match. While quality depends on topping selection, this flexibility remains an incredible asset in Pizza Press’s wheelhouse.  

The regular marinara, not too sweet or oily, satisfies without overwhelming. The cheese, naturally textured and appropriately salty, adds nicely to the pies overall delectability. Unfortunately, one couldn’t say the same for Pizza Press’s regular dough. Often too crispy, flaky or burnt, this base serves, at best, as a vehicle for the parlor’s more appetizing offerings and, at worst, as a paper-like deterrent to customer enjoyment. 

3.5 crispy crusts out of 5 

  • Roppolo’s

Sworn off by greasy, gummy cheese and paper-like crust from other establishments? Don’t fear! Roppolo’s is here. While these bigger-than-your-face slices may raise trepidation, don’t worry! Leftovers exist for this very reason. 

The cheese, a strong mozzarella, hits with a heavenly sharpness. The sauce, only subtly sweet, brightens these pies making each bite simply irresistible. The delicate application of cheese and sauce leaves ample space for appreciation of the true star of the show — the dough, a perfect blend of softness and toughness. Dusted with oregano and Italian spices, Roppolo’s boasts a traditional flavor guaranteed to please the customer’s palate. 

5 bigger-than-your-face slices out of 5