Associate copy desk chief finally free from searching ‘attribution’ entry in style guide

Chloe Roman

Here lies my first and last piece to ever be written in The Daily Texan. Enjoy.

I found myself in the damp basement the spring semester of my sophomore year, after transferring to UT. Although I only had three months in the basement, the Texan and copy department have provided security as a constant during “unprecedented times.”

I’m sad the Texan may never return to its fullest, but the community I’ve found through our paper is one of my most meaningful college experiences. I’m thankful to have found a place on this campus where all are welcome.

After five semesters with this silly little cow paper, I must now try to save my fried eyeballs from staring at one too many Google Docs and go find a new personality trait. I can’t imagine my time at UT without the Texan and all those who have provided me with hope and kindness during some of the darkest times.

Phoebe, you are a shining light and an amazing friend. You are intelligent, kind and hardworking, and I know you will be an amazing ME. Thank you for always listening to my audio messages and providing advice. Your support has kept me going. I am glad to know you and I cannot wait to see what you do with this paper in the spring!

Lawson, Irissa and Megan, the support from you all during the pandemic and winter storm was crucial to making this paper run. Thank you for always listening, providing laughs and supporting all of us in crazy times. You are some of the sweetest people I have ever met!

Jimena, although we only worked in person together for a few weeks, you were such a crucial part to my learning and growth at the Texan. Thank you for your patience and always accepting my love of sports.

Thank you to my friends and family who never really knew what I did here but supported me nonetheless. A special thank you to the biggest UT fan, Aunt Kat. I wouldn’t be a crazy Longhorn without you!

To my Wednesday night copy cuties, thank you for showing up and letting me pester you all. I appreciate the forced listening to my delirious rants and our nights singing Taylor Swift. I’ve loved spending my Wednesdays with y’all (except Emma G, who has never shown up in person. EVER!) I hope you all learn as much from me as I do from getting to work with you.

So, here’s to the end. Although I am sad to close this chapter, I will always hold the Texan near and dear. And for one last go: No more news, society has surpassed the need for news.