News editor says goodbye, prepares for identity crisis

Brooke Park

I worry a lot about who I will be without the Texan. Ever since I stepped foot in this anxiety trap called the basement in my first semester of college, The Daily Texan dominated my thoughts and feelings. My college life formed in response to everything and everyone I met in the basement, and it is hard to think who I could possibly be without this newspaper. I do not cry often, but when I do, it is because of this place. While nothing has hurt me so badly, I also cannot think of any entity that has inspired so much love.

I made a little family during my time here. Megan Menchaca, thank you for hiring me as a general reporter. You held so much power, and I feared you greatly. It is wild that we are such good friends now. Lauren Girgis, thank you for taking me in as your associate news editor and for giving me these great bangs. Hannah Williford, thank you for comforting me in Cabo Bobs. Neelam Bohra, thank you for keeping our friend group alive, and I am sorry I gave you a bad compliment that Christmas. Emily Hernandez, thank you for inspiring me to up my fashion game.

To my wonderful staffers, I love y’all. Thank you Anna for being the bestie. Skye, thank you for dealing with the “men are trash” jokes. Samantha, Sheryl, Kevin, Katy, Kaushiki, Tori and Marisa, I have watched you all grow so much this past semester. Through broken cardboard boxes and some great face painting, I want to thank y’all for letting me lead us through this wild semester.

As some of you may know, I have prided myself on getting through this semester as news editor without shedding a single tear. But of course, in the end I am crying. I got my start here. The news department raised me. Before I came to the Texan, I knew nothing and was nothing. My high school journalism teacher did not think I would make it. But now, I stand before all these opportunities I always hoped I would achieve but never believed I would actualize. And as I trace everything back to the Texan, I feel grateful to the newspaper that forced me to grow even when it was sometimes against my will.

I never had school spirit. For the Texan and its people who make the space beautiful, I may make an exception.