Notes from the opponent: Sitting down with TCU beat reporter Colin Post

Nathan Han, Sports Reporter

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared as part of the October 1 Double Coverage flipbook.

The Daily Texan spoke with Colin Post, football beat writer and sports editor for TCU’s student newspaper TCU 360 ahead of Texas’ game against the Horned Frogs on Saturday.

The Daily Texan: After TCU’s loss to SMU last week, what’s the general attitude around the program right now?

Colin Post: The general term I would say following the SMU loss is “soul searching” for TCU football right now. The big thing is defense. Anybody that’s followed TCU knows that (head coach) Gary Patterson is a defensive-minded coach.

So, for a TCU defense to give up 350 rushing yards, something like 6.7 yards per carry when Ulysses Bentley just ran over TCU, I think that raises a lot of big questions … they missed 20 overall tackles. Even guys in the secondary like T.J. Carter at safety that you expected to be really good just are not producing very well right now. And so that is the focus right now for TCU.

Gary (Patterson) was even talking about it, (saying), “We’re going to have to be better, plain and simple. This same team that showed up on Saturday (against SMU) will not be able to (beat) Texas.”

DT: If TCU does get the win and has a nice defensive showing against Texas, which players will have stepped up for that to happen?

CP: The biggest question is (whether) TCU (will) be able to stop (Texas running back) Bijan (Robinson). Where that starts is going to be that interior defensive line and the linebackers for TCU. Patterson did just say that Khari Coleman, who had a great freshman year last year, has a really good chance to play this Saturday … he’s a defensive end that will really help the line and their chemistry, overall quickness and athleticism …

Dee Winters at linebacker. He’s a junior; he had a really great sophomore year alongside now-Houston Texan Garret Wallow. This Saturday, although he did come up with a big interception, he gave up three catches on the four times he was targeted and missed three or four tackles … (Winters) is going to have to be a lot better for TCU.

DT: A lot of Texas players and coaches have mentioned Max Duggan as a huge factor in this game. What should we expect out of Duggan who’s burned Texas a couple of times before?

CP: I think the biggest question offensively is just (which) Max Duggan are we going to get. In the last few years, the best version of Duggan has been prevalent against Texas, especially in the 2019 game … he’s very sneaky fast, very strong with the ball and averages quite a few yards after contact.

DT: Given the recent TCU dominance in this matchup, do you think Patterson sort of feels like he might have Texas’ number?

CP: Gary Patterson would never admit that, he’s just not a bulletin board type of guy, he’s a “next game is the only game that matters” type of guy …

Those two Texas wins back-to-back and going 7–2 against Texas in their time since they’ve been in the Big 12 is what I think kind of keeps Gary afloat with the TCU Horned Frog community of like, “At least we’re beating Texas.”