UT’s November horoscope

Michelle Facio, Life & Arts General Reporter

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared as part of the November 16 flipbook. 

As the semester draws to a close and stress increases for students everywhere, The Daily Texan provided some guidance for what to expect this month. It’s written in the stars. 


How’s that job or internship search going, Aries? Aries experienced a lot of self doubt lately, but ample opportunity awaits in November. Apply to that job, internship or fellowship. Who knows, maybe it’ll work out.  


Sinking into that comfort zone feels really easy, doesn’t it, Taurus? This month, try something new, however small. With so much new music coming out lately, update that walking-to-class playlist. Get some pep in that step. 


The struggle is real. Student tasks feel particularly difficult this season.  During November, plan a weekend without any plans. The dinner reservation can wait. Everyone needs a little time to breathe. 


Be honest — how long have you been doom scrolling on Twitter today, Cancer? Don’t be shy, pull up the screen time. It’s time for a social media break. Go on a walk and enjoy the plants and the weather. Keep that head up and smile. 


The lion represents Leos. Like lions, Leos serve as great leaders and excellent communicators. November allows Leos the time to focus on encouraging others to reciprocate their communication.


Oh, Virgos. The girl bosses of the zodiac. They’ve really been working hard and will definitely reap the rewards. Achieve self-care during the latter part of the semester and don’t give up. 


Libra season just ended, and they went wild. They really know how to put on some birthday parties. Now, it’s time to slow life down and enjoy the smaller moments. Libras, call Mom this week. Take a bath. Light a candle.


It’s Scorpio season. It’s been a real no bones day … week … semester … for Scorpios everywhere. But things will change! Celebrate Scorpio birth month the only way imaginable: throwing an awesome party. Be the reason everyone hangs out.


Who embodies determination better than a Sagittarius? They’ve faced a lot of new challenges lately and overcame them with grace and power. Time to pay it forward, Sagittarius —  reach out to a friend this month. They’ll appreciate your advice.


Capricorns can expect a lot of growth mentally and physically. November marks a real transitional era for them. Capricorns might try something out of the ordinary, like getting a new haircut or treating themselves to that one Ben and Jerry’s ice cream tub they never buy. Make bold decisions. 


November feels like the Thursday of the months. It’s almost over! Take this month to mentally prepare for the holidays. Maybe even start listening to some Christmas music. Nobody will judge; in fact, Mariah Carey will give her thanks. 


The fish-like zodiac, Pisces, always defy boundaries and work hard to stay afloat. This November, Pisces should relax, reflect on their accomplishments and eliminate any toxicity.